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international shipping of truck mount hose reels

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  • international shipping of truck mount hose reels

    Question: Hi there,
    Does this Solution hose reel: Rokan: 300 ft solution reel S17 (Side of vac reel) [S17], come in a 200ft version? or is it only either 300ft or 450ft?
    Also what would the delivery charge be for delivery to Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia for:
    2x above questioned solution reels
    1x Rokan: V49-200 - 200 Foot Storage Hose Reel [V49-200]

    Answer: The S17 is the smallest that this brand comes comes in.

    I wanted to let you know if you switch to a different brand we have a 160 ft live solution reel. Visit
    This is our most popular solution reel and mounts on the floor between the side grip rails on the vacuum hose reel.
    The vacuum hose reel you selected is already welded together. If you select a bolt together design, you might be able to save on shipping.

    If you want two of the S-17 reels, I think you might want the Stack Bracket too

    Please let me know if you want me to quote shipping on bolt together or already welded. If the shipping is air or ocean and if the shipping is door to port or door to door.