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Dehumidifier does not work, what do I do?

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  • Dehumidifier does not work, what do I do?

    The 3 most common things that cause an error message on a dehumidifier are:
    The coils are dirty and or filter is dirty.
    The drain hose is kinked or has some other flow restriction issue.
    The auto pump out needs to be cleaned.
    When customers bring us dehumidifiers, we take them apart, clean the coils, clean and replace the drain hose, take apart the condensate pump, clean it and put it together again and 95% of the time the dehumidifier will work again.
    The other issues are the cooling fan might need to be replaced or the freon has leaked out. These last two issues are very rear.
    Please note, when you clean the coils you can get the inside of the dehumidifier wet and but let dry out real well before you power it up.
    In summary, the majority of issues are maintenance issues and not warranty issues.

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