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Time frame for repairs on electric systems

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  • Time frame for repairs on electric systems

    Question: If I purchase an electric carpet cleaning system, what time frame can I expect for repairs?

    Answer: The list is based on if you clean about 14-15 jobs a week (this is about 20 hours run time):
    The pressure regulator piston and wand valve piston needs to be lubricated every 90 days.
    The vacuum motors will have to be changed about one a year to 18 months.
    The water pump and pressure regulator will need a rebuild kit after 18 months.
    The water pump head and regulator will need to be replaced after 36 months.
    The water pump motor will need to be changed after 4 years.

    Naturally if you use the machine half this much you can go twice as long.
    20 hours run time is a 40 hour work week for one person. The other 20 hours a week is spent doing job site set up and wrap up, drive time, quotes, sales, office work, purchasing,...

    Question: If I have SteamBrite ship a machine over seas am I still eligible for a warranty?

    Answer: Yes, Just like with customers inside the USA most factories do not cover shipping for covered parts during the warranty period. This means you might be required to ship a broken part back to us or the factory for warranty consideration before the replacement part is mailed back out. For customers located in other countries the shipping can exceed the cost of the part so many times customers will just purchase the replacement part. Look at a vacuum motor for example might only be worth $80 to $100 and shipping both directions might be $80 each way.
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