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Galaxy pump problem

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  • Galaxy pump problem

    I have a EDIC Galaxy 2000HXH. I cannot get it to pump water. When it stopped pumping, I went right for the pump and rebuilt it with kit A and B from you. The original popit values were broken. It now pumps water when I remove the hoses to the pump. But it still will not pump water to the priming hose when all hoses are connected. I suspect there is a problem in the pressure regulation system. I removed, cleaned and lubricated the pressure adjustment value. It was corroded and stuck prior to the cleaning and lubrication. But this did not help. By the way the pressure gauge is stuck at 200 psi even when the pump is not pressurized. What could be my problem? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Water flow problem

    The pressure gauge just needs to be replaced and this will correct the problem with the gauge.
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    As far as the rest of the machine it is a process of emimination. This means insert the priming hose and see if water comes out the face of the machine. If it does, move the priming hose down to the end of the hose and recheck. If it does remove the QD from the wand and insert into the last section of the pressure hose and see if water will come out. If it does, remove the jet(s) and jet filters from the cleaning wand and hook the QD back on the wand and recheck for flow again. Please note I have lots of customers that never clean the filter located behind the jets. The just remove the jets. Visit
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    If you never clean these above filters you might have to use pliers to grab them and pull them out of the jet body manifold.

    PS. You can use the vacuum of the machine to help suck water through you priming hose if the flow seam low.


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      water flow update

      Ok, I checked the filters behind the jets and they are clogged and corroded. I will order new ones from you. But that still does not completely fix the water flow problem. I had already failed at priming with priming hose and vacs. After further analysis, as you suggested, I found a Tee Jet 11750 check valve inline between the pump and heater. It does not seem to be working properly. Do you sell this valve? I did not see it on the website. Thanks.


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        clogged hoses

        We do sell check valves. These are usually 1/4 pipe and are available in different formats:
        M X M
        M X > F
        F X > M
        F X F
        As you see above I mention M X > F and F X > M. This is because the arrow that is stamped on the side of it does mater. You need to tell me what direction the water flow is on your system. You will also need to confirm that you are using 1/4" nation pipe thread size. You are correct, we have not loaded the check valves on our site but we do have them in stock.

        Next thing to check: Some hose are crimped in steel others in brass. All the steel fitting will get rust in the inside of each crimp. This is like a machine hart attach. You will have to remove the hose and insert a drill bit inside the crimp to scrape the walls of the crimped end. Blow out with an air compressor blow gun.

        At this point, you will get into replacing parts from cheaper to more expensive. Example change out the quick disconnects and pressure regulator. You might have to bench test the pump. By seeing how the pump performs outside of the machine will let you know if it is the machine or the pump that is a problem.