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  • blower locked up

    Water was blown through the vacuum and now it won't turn. Is there a repair I can do?
    Please advise.

    Mark R

    To unlock the vacuum blower (example: on an a Steam Brite Steamer, Stainless Mount, or EZ Truck Mount:
    This is a relatively easy fix.
    1) disconnect the hose that connects the waste tank to the blower intake stand pipe.
    2) Unscrew the blower intake stand pipe from the blower. may need to use a large pipe wrench but likely can do without and turn just by hand.
    3) after exposing the empty intake port to blower, spray a penetrating oil like wd40 or liquid wrench into the open hole in the top of the blower and wait ten minutes. spray again (use lots).
    4) take a tire tool and stick the flat end of it into the blower and simply rock the tire tool back and forth with some force. you are trying to push the lobe a little one direction or the other. Do not worry about damaging the female threads in the empty intake port on the blower. That metal is harder than the tire tool. Once the lobe moves a little it will start to work free and after a bit you should be able to turn the shaft manually by turning the love joy (direct drive coupling) flange directly. Continue to spray more penetrating oil as needed. Do not start out trying to break loose a locked up blower using the flange or blower shaft with a pipe wrench etc as you could damage the shaft.
    5) to avoid this happening in the future, always spray a 5 second shot of wd40 or equivelant into the blower vent valve at the top of that stand pipe, while machine is still running, before putting the machine up for the night.

    Sincerely, Ken

    I got it. What finally loosened it was what you said and then putting a 2x2 in and hammering it.
    great thanks for your help. There is alot of greae seeping out of the part. I will send a picture. It appears grease seeped out of the 2 holes.
    Should I add grease to the part?

    Mark R

    Mark, It is normal for grease to exit from the seep hole when you add grease to a bearing through a zerk fitting. just wipe off the excess, in fact this is how you know the bearing is thoroughly greased.
    If grease is accumulating at the fitting then this would likely indicate the fitting may be loose or that you may not be connecting the grease gun/hose securely to the fittings.