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Lacking steam with upholstery wand

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  • Lacking steam with upholstery wand

    Hi guy's,

    I'm only new here, so please be patient.

    I am having an issue when cleaning upholstery. I have a Hornet 20HT truckmount unit. When I'm cleaning carpets, there is plenty of steam coming through the wand and all is well. Unit performs great.

    However when I'm doing upholstery, the water that comes out of the wand is only warm at most. It appears all the hot water/steam is getting expelled straight into the waste tank.

    Does anyone know how I get the steam to come through to the wand? I've seen youtube video's where guy's are getting huge amounts of steam coming through their upholstery wands.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    not enough h2o flow , either have a bypass on the tool or tools with continuous flow will help solve the problem i had the same issue and being winter here in Australia it was even worse , i purchased a drimaster tool and now its hot hot hot water even though u dont see steam its as hot as it can be... to me seeing steam either in wand or any other tool just signifies lose of heat .


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      high flow upholstery tools

      Here is the list of high flow upholstery cleaning tools
      Hydramaster Drimaster DM2 Upholstery Tool New Design AW-84 , AW84, 3 - 5 Inch Detail Tools, Wand, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by HydraMaster, Wand as pictured is shown with the optional handle, item code PHY061-144 which is available at an addi...

      Upholstery pro
      Sapphire Scientific 67-019 Upholstery Pro Bi-Directional Cleaning Wand FREE Shipping AW59 Nylon discontinued , 67-019, , by Sapphire Scientific, Sapphire Scientific Upholstery Pro 67-019 Fast, fatigue-free cleaning - all day long Now you can effectivel...

      Internal spray Pro
      PMF 4.5in Easy Grip 500Psi pressure side bypass Internal Spray, U1574SBPP, 3 - 5 Inch Detail Tools, Wand, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Producton Metal Forming, Has pressure side bypass feature built in to the PMF V4N easy pull valve to allow ...

      The other issue, is you can also have too much flow and the water will not get hot either.
      The average flow rate of a standard upholstery wand is like a single 02 jet. Most carpet cleaning wands clean with dual 02 jets (04 total) or smaller dual 015 jets (03 total). If you are getting good heat with a total 03 or 04 then I agree pick up the flow. What is happening is the water is cooling off in the solution hose before it reaches the fabric.
      On smaller portables to have a high flow tool will create the opposite effect of cooling the water down. The hoses are short so the water does not cool down too much but the heating ability might be limited to handle the high flow rates.

      The Hornet truckmount machines only have limited water temperature controls on them. The temperature is controlled with a switch gauge and solenoid system. You must keep the water in motion in order for the gauge to control the temperature. For non high flow tools usually the operator trickles water on the front of the machine using the bypass ball valve.
      Switchable Temperature Gauge used on many Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines Switch Gauge 20140107, 20140107, , by Clean Storm, Panel Mount Switch Gauge Read in both Celsius and Fahrenheit 130 to 250 degree setting Second needle on right side of gau...