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Who installs truckmounts in my area?

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  • Who installs truckmounts in my area?

    Question: I want to purchase a truck mount and have it shipped to me, how do I get it installed?

    A few options:
    2. Do it yourself by having the trucking company place on the parking lot, you unbolt all the items from the pallet and then you flip the forklift driver $20 and have them lift the console into the van. You drive home and bolt it down. We can also sell you a fuel tap kit
    3. We ship the machine to a local supply store in your area and they install it for you.
    4. We ship the truck mount to a automobile shop and the install it for you. You can use and engine hoist to pick up the machine.
    5. We ship it to a small engine repair shop (they fix lawn tractors). Site requirements again that they need an engine hoist or forklift to get it in the truck/van.
    6. We ship it to you and you have 4 strong men to be able to hand lift the truck mount into the van.

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