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    Cleaning windows is a genuinely dangerous occupation and it isn't worth taking a fall for a few pennies.There are several window cleaning related deaths every year. Don't add yourself to this list by being a reckless practitioner of our trade.

    * Don't Place the ladder at a stupidly shallow angle because you're just asking for it to slip out on you.Where possible have somebody foot your ladder or use a ladder stopper.
    * Don't lean your ladders on gutters but rather place the top of the ladders under them.
    * Do avoid leaning your ladder on window sills because not only is it dangerous from being slippery, but it can damage/mark the sill itself.
    * When you're on your ladder don't lean really far across trying to a reach a window, go down your ladder and move it across to where you are trying to reach. You should have three points of contact on the ladder at all times. That means two feet and one hand.
    * Be careful about the ground you place your ladder upon. Don't place a ladder on a patch of ground where somebody has just knocked over a giant box of ball bearings for example.
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    That's a great post. Thanks for sharing!