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  • A little about spray jets

    Question: hello Donald the jets that came with the wand were not what I thought they were 1002 what does that mean If it like a spray gun than mean the the hole is bigger . what does that equal to?

    Answer: I am not sure I understand the question. Most car wash or pressure washing spray guns use 04, 05, or 06 tips. The first set of numbers on a jet represent the spray pattern width. Example 11001 spray 110 degrees wide and the hole is 01. Two 01 jets spray the same amount of water as a single 02 jet. A 6506 sprays at 65 degrees with a 02 opening. Two 02 jets spray the same water as a single 04 jet. In carpet cleaning wands usually the higher the pressure the smaller the jet is used. For example if you are going to clean at building pressure, you can use a double jet wand with 06 or 08 jets and really flush the carpet nicely. 100 psi machines usually clean with a combined opening of 05 or 06. If you have a 200 to 300 psi machine you might like a combined opening of 04. My personal favorite for 450 to 500 psi is a combined opening of 03 or two 110015 jets (for 12" wide wands). I always recommend to customers that they have multiple jet sizes on their truck. You might want 01 jets for a customer that wants the carpet dry right away, while other time the carpet is so dirty you are not sure what color it is supposed to be. This means you want to really flush a lot a water through the carpet because getting it clean is more important than dry time. Depending on the pump size (gpm gallon per minute) rating you have and if your pump is pressure feed or suction feed, combined with total jet size might cause the pump pressure to swing down between standby pressure and use pressure. Every machine is a little different. In the world of Pumptec pumps (most common brand for electric portables,) you can even have the same pump with different cam bearings installed between the pump motor and pump head. This cam bearing controls how far to the left and right the pump piston swings with controls its gpm rating. Pumptec 205v and 207v series head are rated for 800 psi but depending on the horse power of the motor and the head they mate it to, they engineer the best possible cam bearing to use. Since you are using a Pumptec 356U Water Otter these are designed to clean with a 04 tip opening up to 1200 psi. You can use larger total jet size but expect the pump pressure to be less than 1200 psi. In running a test to see if the Pumptec AS1200 80346 can handle a 15" wide 6 jet with 01 jets (06 total) you can take your dual jet wand and install one 02 jet and one 04 jet and see what it does.

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