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    500psi 2/2 stage 150" 500psi 2/3 stage 180" what does the 150" and 180" mean? and i was also wondering how the 2700LXH 500psi 2/2 stage 150" W/ Heat does or would it be best to go with the 2700FXH 500psi 2/3 stage 210" W/Heat? but the only down fall is that i dont really want to have to go and unplug a dryer everytime i need to use it. i would like to be able to plug it into two different sections of the house to run it. But let me know what you think would be best thanks.

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    inches of lift

    first of all I wanted to make sure you read the article and related links at

    Inches of water lift means: if you stick a clear one inch diameter pipe straight up out of a swimming pool and placed you vacuum hose at the top of the pipe how high can you suck a 1" diameter column of water straigh up into the air at sea level.
    So one machine would draw the water 150" straihgt up and the other 180 inches.
    The # 1 thing to upgrade on a machine is the vacuum. A dual 3 stage vacuum will allow you to park the machine in one place, and clean the back upstairs bedroom and never move the machine. I allow for moving into air duct cleaning, and 50 % faster dry times. Getting the carpet dryer is also getting it cleaner because all the machines do is suck up the water on the carpet. Anotherwards the water you leave on the carpet is just as dirty as the dirty water in the waste tank.
    #2) Increase the pressure of the pump. More psi means cleaning faster for the same results or cleaning slower with better results. Pressure is also a form of agitation.
    #3) add heat. Hotter water just cleans better. For the ultimate heating experience use a Volcano 6000 watt heater

    #4) consider a machine with automatic filling and automatic waste water dumping. Great for clean large jobs.
    #5) consider adding a power wand or prescrubbing the carpet with a rotary floor machine. (the Hild 15" floor machine is only $399 delivered)
    Even though the 2700FXH has three power cords you can plug them into regular wall outlets as well you do not have to operate the heater and just operate the machine on two power cords when electricity is hard to come by.

    The 2700FXH is one of my favorite.