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how much vac?

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  • how much vac?

    How Much Vac And In What Configuration Is Needed For 75 Ft. Of Hose.from What I Understand You Cant Pull More Than 200 Cfm Through 1 1/2 Inch Hose , Is That For Any Length........please Explain

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    Vac hose lengths

    The best performance is achieved by using no more than the following:
    2 stage vacuum motor - 15 ft.
    3 stage vacuum motor - 25 ft.
    4 stages of vacuum (2 -2's) - 50 ft.
    6 stages of vacuum (2 - 3's or triple two stage) - 75 ft.
    8 stages of vacuum (quad 2 stage) = 100 ft of 1-1/2" ID vac hose.
    When you use 2" vacuum hose, hose lengths can be up to double these.
    The maximum CFM you can pull in 1.5" ID hose is 200 CFM. The max CFM for 2" ID hose is 400 CFM. When you have truckmounts that draw more than 400 CFM they pull the difference through the vacuum relief valves.


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      vacuum tank sizes

      are portable vac tank sizes made in relationship to the vac sizes/power.........3 stages/2 stages. also does shape of inside of tank affect anything?


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        carpet cleaning equipment vacuum tank sizes

        Tank size does not let you know how much suction a machine has. Rather you want to look at the total number of stages a machine has. For the most part, the more stages, the faster the dry time. An eight stage machine out perform a six stage machine and a six stage machine will out perform a 4 stage machine. Some times when you place the wand on the floor and start to extract your soil/water there can be a few second delay in how long it takes before maximum suction is achieved. This is because the tank walls/ lid might suck in a bit as well as the vacuum hose. A cylindrical tank will have the least flex and offer the best response. That is why all air compressor and extreme vacuum tanks are cylinders. (see the Enterprise
        HTTP:// zero flex)
        Some types of vacuum hoses offer different amounts of flex as well. For example some customer want to store their vacuum hoses inside of their fresh water tank so they purchase SPF (super power flex - usually recognized by a wire reinforcement) hose. This type of hose also will take a few seconds to achieve maximum extraction.
        25 years ago I tested several different tank shapes and found that the shape in itself as long as the sides don't flex perform about the same. The difference is in how the water and air inter the tank. I designed a tank with a Lexan (bullet proof glass) lid and noticed that if I can get the water and air to spin in a cyclonic direction, I was able to increase the amount of water the tank would hold as well a slight foam reduction. This feature is now used in the Breeze Line
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