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License Needed for carpet cleaning?

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  • License Needed for carpet cleaning?

    Question: My name is mark. I am from Vancouver, wa. I had several questions. To start a private carpet cleaning business in my state, in other words to be self-employed, do I need to have a license? Also , can I purchase a carpet cleaning machine from you guys without any license, or I need something? And what is the usual carpet steam cleaner generally used for commercial , tile, and residential cleaning? Please , any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Answer: As far as I know you do not need a license to purchase or to use a carpet cleaning machine. I have worked here at SteamBrite for 32 years and during that time lots of talk about making cleaners pull a license but I do not know of any countries or states that require it. Usually you just registered the name of the company with the government and follow the local sales tax laws. Most of the time people will start off with an electric system and then generally work up to van/trailer gasoline powered machines. We find the average carpet cleaner will generate about $100,000 USD a year per truck in sales but should not transition from electric powered equipment to gasoline powered equipment until you reach $50,000 USD per year. Power consumption is in direct per portion to cleaning efficiency, so machines that use more power will clean better than machines that use less power. Please read

    Read the above and related links and then come back with more questions.

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    All very useful to us newbies, thanks for the info.
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