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Mytee M-12 loses pressure with TH-40 tile spinner?

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  • Mytee M-12 loses pressure with TH-40 tile spinner?

    Pressure drops down to 400-500 psi when i hook up th-40 and 4 jet Gekko ( bigger jets). When i use mini turbo, cobra and single jet Gekko it stays at 1200 psi (smaller jets). I have changed the 356 U pump and cleaned all the filter including the one inside machine with vinegar. It ran at 1200 psi right after the first time you guys told me on the phone about inside filter, then it went right back down.

    I have a back up M-12 and TH-40 runs at 1200 psi no problems, so its not the spinner. Any ideas on what to check next would be great! Thanks for all the help you guys have always given me!

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    Mytee M12 not holding pressure

    Sometimes you can have a small air pocket in the pump system and this will cause the pressure drop, OR the pump pre-filter is dirty (like you already mention) or the jet sizes or too large. In some rare cases if a foreign object gets stuck in the pump valves the water hose will vibrate and the pressure will also drop off. The last issue is the seals on the pump head or worn or possibly you have a priming lever stuck open a tiny bit. To start after you are sure all the filters are clean, prime the pump using the priming lever with the pump on and the vacuum on while placing you hand over the end of the vacuum hose.


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      Thanks Donold

      I tried that again with no luck. But last year i took M-12 to repair shop to put a new wire harness in my machine because circut indicator burned up. They noticed hose from pressure gauge was worn and replaced it with a smaller (thinner) hose. They said thinner hose from gauge would not affect PSI on M-12. Then i noticed it was not a pulse hose when but never changed it because it is my back up machine. I will order the right size pulse hose and see if that works. Let me Know if i am on the right track with hose.

      Thanks again!


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        Mytee M12 will not hold pressure

        The thickness of the hose does not matter but the issue about pulse hose does matter. In order to maintain the proper life expectancy of the PumpTec pump and others, you have to have a pulse hose in the system somewhere. The industry historically uses the pressure gauge hose because is not get hot like all the other hoses. I do think you should install the correct pulse hose back on the gauge and then look at changing the unloader and seal kit on the system.


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          i changed the unloader tonight with no luck. Still loses pressure when i hook up the TH-40 single jet attachments all get 1200psi no problem. I still have fresh water going into waste tank when priming. Any other ideas? BTW added pulse hoses. Thanks


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            Help Mytee Tile cleaning machine pump pressure

            The first thing I would try is to force feed the pump with a garden hose, this will eliminate any possibility of it being a starvation issue. I know it has a priming valve but in a case where you have a struggling inlet not an airlock the priming valve will not tell you the same thing as a force fed pump.

            There was a period of time where Mytee was using a very rigid inlet hose, the rigid inlet hose acts as a magnifying glass to the natural pulsation you get from the pump causing cavitation that leads to the pressure loss. There was also a time where an extremely soft inlet was used causing kinks in the extractor and pump starvation.

            Inspect the inlet filter for any deformations. If the pump has ran dry it will create a vacuum on the inlet deform the strainer causing an air leak in the system.

            Because it worked for s short time after he played with the filter it is very likely he has a starvation or airlock issue.

            Just to clarify priming with a garden hose means removing the acorn strainer from the bottom of the fresh tank. Have a spray gun, or tool ready to use. Turn on the pump and the garden hose pressure and force the garden hose over the acorn strainer opening to try to force building pressure through the system. Toggle the trigger both on and off to remove the air from bypass and cleaning hoses.


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              Thanks will try in morning.