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Goliath VS Jaguar 6.6

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  • Goliath VS Jaguar 6.6

    Just had a few questions between the goliath portable and the jaguar 6.6.
    Does the Goliath not have a clean water tank?
    Do both have heat?
    Can i switch out the vacuum ports switched touse flash cuffs?
    Can a booster be added to the goliath?
    Can service/parts be done in the salt Lake city area or does it have to be done in Texas? When would be the best time to call?

    Answer: The Goliath does not have or need a fresh water tank. The Goliath is a pressure portable the Jaguar 6.6 is a suction feed portable
    The Goliath can be used as a traditional suction feed portable by just dropping the pick up hose in a bucket, tank, bath tub, trashcan, toilet tank....

    The Goliath comes as a cold unit, heat exchanger unit, and a Complete Heat unit (heat exchanger + electric heater)
    The Jaguar 6.6 is only a cold unit. No heat option is available.
    The only heated 6.6 on the market is the Clean Storm 12-6500-H
    A hose mount booster can be added to any machine. A machine mount booster port is only an option on the flood pumper Goliath and honestly you will not need a booster.
    Both brand machine off the parts warranty. If you choose not to service the machine yourself you would have to hire someone for the labor portion. The warranties on both models does not include the shipping cost of part. You can also purchase an extended warranty on any make, model, brand carpet cleaning extractor and it will add 2 years parts and labor to the factory warranty for about 10% more.
    We answer the phone M-F from 8 AM to 6 PM. and on Saturday from 10 to 1 pm.
    It is possible to switch to flash cuffs on both machines but please not flash cuffs to leak vacuum and extend dry times.