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Sandia Plastics Sniper 1200 psi model Upgrade

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  • Sandia Plastics Sniper 1200 psi model Upgrade

    Hello my name is Matt, I currently have a 1200 psi sandia sniper extractor with 5 stages of vacuum (one 2 stage one 3 stage). I am wanting to leave my portable in a trailer and be able to run long enough hose lengths to go behind apt complexes probably around 200 feet maybe slightly more. Also to aid me in cleaning houses without having to unload equipment as I am doing now. I was looking at the mytee air 23 as a possible booster, but my machine only has one exhaust port. I was wondering could i get the shizzam 2in booster lid and run one cord from the exhaust and one cord from the lid? Or would doing a Y off my exhaust be the best way? Or would another booster all together be better? Would upgrading the motors inside my machine to a diff type help anything as well?

    Thanks Matt

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    Vacuum booster options for Sandia and Clean Storm Extractors

    The Universal Vacuum booster (machine mount) will fit on the Sandia extractor or you can consider hose mount vacuum boosters. With the Universal Vacuum booster you will need to change your front port on your extractor to 2" connection
    You should also consider purchasing an extra 6" clear screw in lid so you can use the machine without the booster once you change the machine top to a screw in style.
    6inch Waste Tank Lid - Universal Vacuum Lid, 260-64A, Repair Parts, Parts & Accessories, 6in Waste tank lid, fits most carpet cleaning machines that take a six inch lid over the waste tank portables including some Mytee, PowerFlite, Diamondback, Se...

    Please note the mounting holes on the current black twist and lift lid will not match the mounting holes on the new screw in lid but it is do-able for the upgrade. The 'hose mount' vacuum booster are available with and without auto dump and are available in 3 stage, 6 stage, and 6.6 vacuum motor configuration and would not require you to change the top of your waste tank lid

    The exhaust mount booster like the Mytee Air22 and Air23 will not work with your machine.