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Finding a carpet cleaning machine for a church

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  • Finding a carpet cleaning machine for a church


    Answer: Please visit and read
    Narrow down my portable extractor search!
    I think one of the thing you need to find out is if you have 15 amp breaker or 20 amp breakers. This is super important because you do not want to purchase a machine that requires dedicated dual 20 amp breakers and then find out your building is only 15 amp breakers an cannot use the machine!
    If this carpet is a low profile direct glue down carpet you can consider self contained machines or the upright units with a separate cleaning wand.
    These cleaning wands can be purchased with and without agitation systems. When these wands have agitation systems they are commonly called power wands
    A self contained extractor is one that you walk backwards and pull the entire machine over the carpet and it sprays, scrubs, and extracts at the same time.
    Sometimes if you have direct glue down low profile carpet is is made out of polypropylene. This is the cheapest of all fibers to make and is the cheapest carpet to manufacture and creates a problem for carpet cleaners because is has the lowest moisture absorbency and the highest wicking or capillary action. These fibers can be cleaning with hot water extraction (machine discussed above) but require a cleaning frequency of at least 33% more often and when you do clean them they might look great and then during the drying process all the dirt in the backing and cement will wick up to the top of the carpet and make is look like you did not clean it at all. This issue can be fixed by rinsing the carpet with an anti wicking agent in the extraction machine or performing an adsorbent powder encapsulation cleaning method.
    Anti wicking rinse is located at
    I want to explain the Adsorbent powered encapsulation method of cleaning. Prespray Crystal magic
    then sprinkle HCR Control on top
    Then take the CRB17 or CRB20 machine and agitate the two together.
    The install the rejuvenation catch trays on the CRB machine and pick up the powder.
    You can easily determine if you have a polypropylene carpet by performing a specific gravity test on the carpet fiber.
    I would recommend you read the other articles about 'specific gravity' on this forum by searching the term inside this forum.

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    Ok Thanks I will!!