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  • Wanting new portable

    Hello all, I already own a Mytee M5 which i like, its a very good machine, but i want to get a new portable that has more powerful suction.
    Here's what i want. GREAT SUCTION, suction suction suction. a 1000 or 1200 adjustable psi pump. 13gal or better on the solution and waste tanks.
    at least Auto pump out, can live without auto fill but nice to have that as well. Do not need heat as i already have that coverd. Must be 2inch plumbing,
    and not just the suction hose connector either, the inside plumbing as well. Do not need any hose's or a wand, already have all that.
    Also in the market for a CRB machine. 15 or 17 inch would be fine, any sugestions on who would have one for the best price. i prefer to buy new only.


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    More power needed for tile cleaning

    The Mytee M5 uses the Electromotor conical vacuum motors that use about 12.5 amp of power each X 2 = 25 amp vacuum system
    this is 138 inches of water lift X 225.8 cfm = 31,160 vacuum units.
    None of the tile cleaning machines offer this much suction. You can set up your equipment in a synergistic set up by purchasing a pressure washer and mating it with a flood pumper.
    The Goliath offers 170 inches of lift at 250+ cfm or 42,500 vacuum units in a 30 amp design.
    Amp draw is king. The Goliath converts more electrical energy into vacuum and cfm and because it uses 5 more amps than the M5.
    The pumps that you mate with the machine can be cold carry in electric, cold roll in electric, gasoline cold, gasoline hot. You can also take and add heat to any system with propane, diesel, kerosene, and natural gas.
    Here are some examples of some tile cleaning pumps:
    Water otter (single 15 amp 120 volts)

    P152EC (single 20 amp cord 120 volts)

    Clean Storm 6720 (dual 15 amp cords at 120 volts)

    In summary nobody is going to make an all-in-one machine with more vacuum and more pressure because is needs too much power and would weight too much. On the other had you can always take the synergistic approach and now you have a way to load and un-load the truck by yourself.

    The CRB17 is on sale for $1799 with free shipping and free tile cleaning brushes when you purchase at the same time as your carpet cleaning/ tile cleaning machine.


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      DON:wanting new portable

      Thanks for your response Don, I do have an in-line vac booster that i could use with my Mytee M5 but didn't want to have to run another power cord as i almost always use my roto vac 360i, which already puts me at three cords, vac booster would put me at 4 cords. I have looked at the goliath machines before, i like the 4 2stage vac set up for a total of 8 stages which would be more suction then my M5, i see they have large waste tanks but no mention of a solution/fresh water tank. seems you have to hook up to a sink, but if thats the case how would you be able to have any type of cleaner mixed with the water coming out the wand?
      The 17inch CRB is also something i have been wanting for a long time now, but have not done so due to the fact that i would almost always only use it as a pre-scrub prior to using the M5, can't see spending that much $$$ just to use it to pre scrub prior to HWE. I see you sell the Sebo for $498.00 and i would consider that but am concerned that it would not last that long and would be worried about water getting inside from the pre spray and killing the thing.
      Also lost my spray gun to my hydro force injection sprayer, do you sell that separate or would i have to buy a hole new one.


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        New portable needed time to upgrade

        The Goliath 30 amp vacuum is stronger than the Mytee M5 (now LTD5) 25 amp vacuum as you can see because it uses more electricity. But the Mytee M5 with a 3 stage booster (35 amp vacuum) would dry better than the Goliath 30 amp vacuum. Please note amp draw is more important than stages as a 2 stage 11 amp motor will out dry a carpet than a 10 amp 3 stage vacuum motor. The Goliath does not have a fresh tank and usually is used as a pressure feed portable. Please note pressure feed portables start off cleaning 10 degree F hotter than suction feed portables, experience less pressure drop off between standby pressure and use pressure. Pressure feed pumps last longer than suction feed pumps. During being pressure feed, no chemical injection can be used. You would need to prespray your cleaner first and just use the Goliath to rinse. All pressure feed systems can be suction feed by simply dropping the connection hose into the bucket, sink, bath tub, trashcan, ice chest or what ever you want to use as a fresh water tank. Then you can add the chemicals to the tank. Please note by adding chemicals to your rinse water you will shorten the live of the pumps seals again. 1st because you are suction feeding the pump and now the same degreasers that clean the oils out of the carpet will clean the oils out of the rubber seals.
        I really do not see the end result cleaning advantage to you using a prescurbbing machine before using the Rotovac 360i. Whether you prescurb first followed by using a regular wand or just rinse with a power scrubbing wand, the results are the same. The advantage to the 3 step cleaning (prespray, prescrub, rinse) over the 2 step (prespray, power wand rinse) is the speed. The 3 step is ALWAYS faster. For some reason cleaners cannot get their head around this thought. If you prespray with an injection sprayer (pump up is not OK), prescrub with a CRB17 or CRB20, rinse with a 14" wide wand (must have the vacuum to support a wider wand (30 amp and up), you will out speed clean over a power wand by at least 30%!! Naturally you have to have an auto fill, auto dump machine or a truckmount. If you move up to the CRB17 and 14" wide wand the Rotovac will be used ONLY as a back up. Please use a stand up crevice tool to finish out the room in either method.
        The Sebo Duo was designed to be used in the encap method of cleaning. In this method you would prespray the encap prespray, sprinkle the adsorbent powder, agitate together, allow to dry, vacuum up. This is a wet method as well and to use this as a agitation machine before hot water extraction is no big deal.
        We do sell complete injection sprayer guns for $85. We do not have a web page for this issue so thank for the reminder, I will try to make a web page for this issue.

        Goliath 500psi with Heat

        Mytee LTD5

        Degreaser Carpet Cleaner

        Rotovac 360i



        Injection sprayer

        encap prespray

        Adsorbent powder

        Sebo Duo

        Speed Crevice Tool


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          Question for Donald

          Hi Don,

          Do you know if those new 8.4 vac motor's would fit into a Mytee M5, also how can i make the M5 chem feed, it already has auto fill but i don't use it cause no way to use it unless just filling striaght water and no chem. also what size generator who it take to run the M5.


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            Adding larger vacuum motors to a Mytee M5 with a Generator

            As far as I know the 8.4" will not fit inside the M5. I personally have not tried this, so I could be wrong.
            The auto fill kits with chemical injection can be added to any machine.
            The rule of thumb on generators is you want the surge rating to be double your use rating.
            Example: The M5 is a 30 amp portable. 30 amp X 120 volts = 3600 watts.
            So I am looking for a generator with a 7200 surge rating or higher.
            This unit is 9000 watt surge so it would be OK to use.


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              To Donald

              HI Donald, once again, thanks.

              Would you be interested in custom building me something Modular, separate components with 4 8.4 vac motors and 500psi pump with auto dump. Not to concerned with what it would look like as i'm sure with the 4 8.4 vac motors i can leave it in my van. 1st component the 4 8.4 vac motors-this would stay in van and run off a generator. 2nd component could be the solution ( like 20gal) tank on wheels with 500psi pump and auto pump out, these could run off a power cord and plugged into customer outlets and sit right inside door or on porch. Kinda like that rotovac Ranger 3 piece unit but with way better suction. Maybe i'm dreaming a little here huh, LOL


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                Custom Build Modular portable carpet cleaning machine

                The problem with custom builds is they are expensive. Each 8.4 vacuum motor draws 13 amps X 4 unit = 52 amps. The Goliath is already a 30 amp vacuum system, just add another 20 amp booster, like the Mytee 7300S. This combined system is a 50 amp vacuum system and would cost less than a custom build order.
                You could also take two Jaguar 8.4 portables and "Y" them together. The Goliath + Mytee 7300S is about $3397 and would be the best bet as far as the dollars.
                This would give you the ability to keep the components light for easy lifting in and out of the truck for high rise work.

                Mytee 7300S
                Jaguar 8.4


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                  VAC Motor question

                  which vac motors perform better as far as better suction the 2 Stage Air Watt 6.6 HiFlow Vacuum Motors or the 3 stage high performance motors. Also what is everyones opinion on the eclipse extractors with the 3 or 4 vac motors
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                    6.6 vac VS Electro high performance

                    The answer is really the same. The amp draw is king and tells you the top performer. On average each of these motors draws about 12.5 amps at 120 volts.

                    6.6 vacs

                    5.7" High performance Vac


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                      placement of vac booster

                      I have a Mytee M5 duel high performance 3stage vac motor's, also have an in line vac booster (kleenrite) if i was to use 75 or 100 foot of vac hose where should i place the vac booster. after the 1st 25foot of hose then the other 50foot then wand or after 1st 50foot of hose then the 25foot and wand. for a 100foot hose run should i put vac booster after the 1st 50foot then the 2nd 50foot then wand. Icurrently only have 1.5inch vac hose-will be getting 2.0 inch soon but only a 25ft lenght and how would this fit into the equation.


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                        Hose mount Vacuum booster placement

                        As long as the booster is placed inside the last 75 ft from the wand, it will work the best.
                        Closer is OK too. Please do not use more than 15 ft of 1.5" ID vacuum hose.
                        For example if I needed to run a 1000 feet of vacuum hose. I would run all 2" vacuum line, then as I near the end, add the vacuum booster and then travel my last, my last section of 50 ft X 2" hose + my last 10 to 15 ft of 1.5" vacuum hose.