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  • Dedicated upholstery machine

    What would you suggest would be a good choice for an extractor and hand tool combination used almost exclusively (98%) for residential upholstery cleaning keeping in mind these priorities 1) effectivenes, 2) reliability, 3) weight & size, 4) affordability?

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    Good Uphostery cleaning machine.

    I like the Ninja dual 2 stage, 200 psi water pump, with a 2000 watt heater

    and add the Pro2 Kit for auto detail work.
    The Pro2 Kit has interchangeable heads (one internal spray 4" wide head for standard detail work and one internal spray crevice tool) that mates to a receiver with an internal solution hose.

    Get the Ninja, 25 ft 3000 psi hose set, carpet wand, pro2 kit and commercial shipping for $1681 (as of Dec 05, 2005)
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