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Placing Goliath Guts under the hood of a Clean Storm 12 gallon body

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  • Placing Goliath Guts under the hood of a Clean Storm 12 gallon body

    Question: Is there a way you can make me the Goliath set up, but in a Clean Storm 12 gallon body as I would need both a fresh water and recovery tank, also, psi does not matter too much 220 pump tech is good
    Lastly is it the max vac vacuums in the Goliath or the generic ones?
    Thanks for helping me Stephen

    Answer: I am not sure of what you mean by "Goliath set up" as I figure the question is reference to vacuum motor or pump out configuration. The Clean Storm Rotomold 12 gallon body is too small to allow for the size and performance of the Goliath. The first generation Goliath's created a large list of hurtles to get over as this was the first machine to exceed the vacuum performance of the 16 hp gasoline truckmount. The first Goliath crushed tanks, access lids, vacuum motor mounting manifolds, melted housings... The Goliath body and parts used in the build are designed this way for a reason.
    I personally do not understand the I need a fresh water tank comment. Please visit
    Any pressure feed portable or pressure washer can using any water storing device as a fresh water tank. The sink, the bathtub, a trashcan, a 18 gallon storage tote, 5 gallon bucket, toilet tank,...
    Just use the toilet transfer pump in the link above and drop in the storage tank you provide.
    If you want to use a mounted fresh water tank, this will make the machine heavier and you have to take the time to fill it up. For example, if I am going to acquire my hot water from a bath tub are you really going to transfer water from the tub to a 5 gallon pail and then lift 40 lbs and navigate the pour in through a small how in the top of a fresh water tank when you could have just laid the pick up hose in the bath tub to start? A waist of time and calories.

    Goliath's are sold in 3 different vacuum configurations. Quad Max Vac 2 stage in a twin series pair configuration (30 amps) in flood pumper and 500 psi, Quad Ametek Lamb 6.6 in a twin series pair configuration (50 amps) - flood pumper, and Dual 3 stage parallel (20 amp) configuration - 1500 psi tile cleaning machine.

    Clean Storm 12 gallon bodies are available in Dual 2 stage (15 amps), Dual 3 stage (20 amp), and Dual 6.6 (25 amp) vacuum systems
    Both the Clean Storm Goliath 20 amp and 12 gallon 20 amp machines use the same Ametek 116565-13 vacuum motors.

    Max Vac 2 stage

    Example Goliath 30 amp vacuum machine

    Example of Goliath 50 amp vacuum machine

    Example of Goliath 20 amp vacuum machine with 1500 psi pressure washing pump

    Example of Clean Storm 12 Gallon unit with a 15 amp vacuum system

    Example of Clean Storm 12 gallon unit with a 20 amp vacuum system

    Example of the Clean Storm 12 gallon with a 25 amp vacuum system

    The Goliath Quad 6.6 and the Clean Storm twin 6.6 use the same vacuum motors. Only the Goliath 27 gallon model uses 4 motors and the 12 gallon body uses 2 motors.

    The other possibility to your question as to "Goliath set up" might be in reference to the automatic waste water discharge pump. The Clean Storm 12 gallon AFAD models use a Little Giant 20 gpm pump and discharge through a garden hose. The garden hose limits the discharge rate to 10 gallon per minute. The Goliath 30 and 50 amp units use a 30 gallon a minute stainless steel pump and are dual discharge ported as you can discharge through either a garden hose at a 10 gpm or discharge through a 1-1/2" lay flat or vacuum hose at 30 gallons per minute. Your choice and you can toggle back and forth between the two discharge options as needed. The Goliath 20 amp 1500 psi tile cleaning machine discharges at 3 gallon per minute through a garden hose.

    Stainless 30 gpm pump

    3.3 gpm pump

    AFAD (auto fill / auto dump)