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Electric Heated portable machine cleaning at over 200 degrees...

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  • Electric Heated portable machine cleaning at over 200 degrees...

    Question: Good Afternoon,
    We are looking to purchase a commercial/industrial grade carpet cleaner/extractor for our Property Management division.
    We are looking to clean the carpets of the condos we manage, meaning that we would need to clean all different types of carpet.
    Options we are interested in:
    - heated machine (200 +degrees)
    - auto fill/ auto dump
    - quality wand
    - 500psi capability
    - At least 50' of hoses
    After reviewing your site, I believe the SBM-GO-500 or GO-1500 models are what we are looking for.
    I want to make sure we are purchasing a unit that has all of the quality and features we need.
    I look forward to your response.

    Answer: The SBM-GO-500 is a 500 psi cold machine and just cleans at the water temperature you feed it with an impressive 30 amp vacuum system and will run up to 200 ft of hose.
    The GO-1500 is a cold 1500 psi pressure washing tile and carpet cleaning machine with a 20 amp vacuum system and will run up to 115 ft of hose.
    Both offer an optional heat exchanger system to boost the water temperature and are auto fill and dump.
    With over 500 different machines to choose from, I wanted to clarify your request to have the machine be over 200 degree F. This is not going to happen. The absolute hottest portable carpet cleaning machine ever made is the Complete Heat, and it only cleans about about 165 degrees F. Commonly what customers read on a machine specs, "Heats water to 200 degrees in 2 minutes!" This is a true statement as each heater that is installed under the hood of a carpet cleaning machine holds about a quart of water and if you set the wand down and quit cleaning, that quart of water will reach 200 degrees and the heater will turn off. This also means that if I am using the machine and the water is flying through the heater the average temperature rise is about 25 degree hotter than what is being feed through it. So if I am starting with 110 degrees F I would expect to clean with 135 degrees. That is a long way off from 200 + degrees. We do offer live steam cleaning but they require supplemental fuel fired heater that runs on propane, diesel or kerosene. We also have muti-corded electric heaters that will do the same thing but now you will need 2 power cords for your carpet cleaning machine and then 3 more for your electric heater. The Complete Heat Portable is a 3 power cord machine.

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