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Help with Wet Drapery cleaning machine selection.

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  • Help with Wet Drapery cleaning machine selection.

    Question: Hello , i am very interested in purchasing your equipment, however i am from Trinidad West Indies, the caribbean, i also own a very successful drapery business. I wanted to know if you can send an invoice for me regarding the drapery cleaning equipment.

    Answer: Did you want a machine to wet clean drapes or solvent clean drapes?

    Question: Hi,
    Can you advise me , what is the difference? and which one is better?

    Answer: For drapes that are full synthetic fabric are cleaned with water based cleaning solution.
    For drapes that are more than 50% natural fiber (cotton, silk, wool, rayon, jute) would be cleaned with a solvent solution.
    The problem with solvents is they cannot be shipped by air. Only ocean shipping. So typically you would have to purchase at least a half pallet/skid of chemical at a time.
    Please clarify the voltage you require.

    Question: Hi ,
    I use more synthetic fabrics in my draperies.
    I spoke with my electrician, who told me this - 115-230 voltz, 60hz -1ph.

    Answer: If you can use a wet side cleaning machine in 120 volt, I would tell you to look at the 6-2300-H
    as a base machine. For drapes you would run the pressure at 150 psi.

    Now you would just need to add the chemicals and cleaning tools.

    Two products can be used as a pre-spray. Kryptonite and Dry cleaning solution.
    Rinse with water and Flush
    Blow dry

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