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Goliath Cold VS Heat Exchanger VS Complete Heat

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  • Goliath Cold VS Heat Exchanger VS Complete Heat

    Question: Good Afternoon Donald,
    I think we have all the product info that we need. At this point I think we would be looking at either the Complete Heat or SBM-GO-500H Set. I am guessing that the only real difference between the 2 is the Complete Heat’s additional 1750 watt heater? What is the difference between the heat potential of both units?
    Is there anything difference as far as accessories are concerned?
    Also, what options for upgraded wands are there or is the one included a better than standard model?
    Thank you,
    Sr. Lodging Manager

    Answer: The Goliath 500 psi Carpet Cleaning Machine comes in 3 options: cold, heat exchanger, and Complete heat (heat exchanger + 1750 watt in-line heater)
    The cold unit clean at what ever temperature you feed it. The heat exchanger model clean at 30 degrees hotter than you feed it up to 140 degrees. The Complete Heat cleans at about 160 to 165 degree (averages 25 degrees hotter than the heat exchanger model). Other than that that are all identical.
    What most customers do not realize is that for every 18 degrees F you can double your water molecule vibration and cleaning effectiveness.
    This also means that the Goliath Complete Heat can clean up to 8 times better than the 110 degree cold unit.
    As far as upgrades, I like larger tools for faster cleaning. 15" wide power wands like the Hoss 700 or Mytee Trex, or even manual 14" wands like the Westpak 14

    Goliath cold

    Goliath Heat Exchanger

    Goliath Complete Heat

    Hoss 700

    Mytee Trex

    WestPak 14