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  • CS3000 and CS4500

    Please provide us more specific details about those models - CS3000 and CS4500. For how much time canone person clean an average car from the outside/external via both models. What are the differences between them? Can you show additional videos? There is so few information on your website about them.

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    Auto exterior vapor steam machines

    The difference between is only the amp draw they each use. You always want to purchase the highest amp draw unit you can plug in.
    Naturally a 4500 watts will produce more steam per minute than a 3000 watt unit because it is using more electricity.
    This equates to faster car cleaning.

    If you are going to plug into standard wall outlets with the optional inverters, the 4500 watt unit requires dual 20 amp breaks while the 3000 watt unit will run on dual 15 amp breakers.