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Intrepid Extractor, Problems?

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  • Intrepid Extractor, Problems?

    Hi - I found this website after doing an internet search for the Northland Products Intrepid carpet extractor. I am interested in purchasing one, but noticed that this site mentions customer service issues with this unit. What seems to be the problem with them? I appreciate any information from anyone that has this unit or knows anything about them. Thanks. Vince

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    Northland Intrepid

    Our history with Nortland products:
    We received our dealer price list and withing 30 days we sold our first 2 units.
    Neither unit was manufactured with the parts and specs as promised.
    Both units broke within days of use.
    Northland did not want to honor the prices as quoted to us on our dealer price list.
    Northland wanted to charge both customers to fix the machines that where broken out of the box. Northland wanted the customer to pay for the shipping cost even though it was Northlands fault the the machines where not built as agreed.
    We informed Northland that we will fight for our customers rights and we suggest that they resolve these problems or we will not sell any more machines for them.
    Every time we called their office we would only get an answering machine and it took days for anyone to call us back when they did.
    This company was shooting for a 0% satisfaction record. Almost the worst experience in 25 years (#2 behind ChemTex).
    We have not sold any more machines for them in the last 3 years. I am sure that all the employees that work their during these issues, no longer work there. Maybe we should give them another try.