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Ninja Century 400 heater not working

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  • Ninja Century 400 heater not working

    Hi there, I have recently purchased this machine used, but it was originally purchased last spring by a friend of mine. I left it at our previous place of residence until we could move it (after having used it several times, so I knew it was working fine. When I brought it home, it was full of dirty water, so had obviously been used, and the light will not go on, heater will not work. I spoke to someone at Esteam and was told that there were several things we could check...including the reset button on the end of the heater. Apparently there are two thermostats, and only one has a reset...before I take it on a drive in the truck for 2 hours to the closest place that I can find that works on these things, I just wanted to check in and get some thoughts. First of all, I want to make sure I am looking at the right thing, with regards to the reset switch on the heater. It is on the end I was told, on the left hand side if you are looking from the from of the machine? How do you know if it's popped. I see a small black button there in amongst all of the wires, and it has a little play, but will not push in or out any further. Can anyone think of any other quick things I could check before I take it in?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Testing the high pressure heater in a carpet cleaning machine

    The reset thermostat looks like
    It is just a real tiny button between the two wires.
    You can test thermostats with a ohms meter.
    Just make sure electricity passes through the thermostats.
    Also test the heating rod with the same meter.
    Just make sure electricity passes through the rod.