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  • Interesting in buy new portable

    I'm new member in this site, and I want to thank you for let me participate.
    I have a cheap potable TMI 100psi and two pumps. I used it for arround four years and it still is working very good. I only do commercial jobs. But I want to start working in residencial business and I want to buy a new portable machine.
    My question are: If I need a stronger machine how many psi minimun, how many gallons minimun, how many pumps minimum.
    I was looking in some stores and usually the sellers told me that I don't need more pressure because I will emptied too fast the water and I will leave much water in the carpet. Neither a heather because the circuits. Is that thru?
    And the last question How many feet of hose is enough.
    Thank you very much.

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    Carpet cleaning machines

    First, please read about the best things to look for in a portable at
    Also, please read some basic information about narrowing down you portable extractor search at

    It takes up to 75 ft to reach the far back room on a large two story home. This means to avoid caring your machine up a flight of stairs, you will need a machine with at least 6 stages of vacuum (dual 3 stage, or triple 2 stage) or and 8 stage extractor.

    It is possible to clean homes with your current machine but the average home owner only cleans their carpets every 2 years. With your current machine, it will be a very slow process with with enough hard work you can get are really dirty carpet clean. Eleven percent of homeowners never clean their carpet. The average home carpet is ten times dirtier than the street. Because of this sometimes you need to think about the cleaning pie and how you might implement some of the properties into your cleaning procedures.

    The fastest quality cleaning would take place by
    prespray your traffic lane cleaner (like Powerhouse and Kryptonite) using an injection sprayer (takes about 10 minutes for an entire home)
    Scrub this in with a small rotary floor machine (takes about 10 minutes for an entire home)
    Rinse the carpet with Flush Rinse Aid using a 6 or 8 stage extractor at 500 psi with a built in heating booster. (this would be a 3 corded extractor)
    Post spot clean any remaining spots with Dry Cleaner and re-rinse.
    Crevice around the room with your vacuum hose.