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  • Clean Storm 500psi Extractor

    Has anyone purchased a Clean Storm 500psi extractor with the 6.6 vac motors? Looking for some input. Am either going to buy another Mytee 1005DX, or a Clean Storm. Also looking for an out of machine dump pump for either draining into a bucket without turning off machine, or running to a proper drain.

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    Mytee LTD5 VS Clean Storm 12-6500 AFAD

    The auto fill/ auto dump version of each model is Clean Storm 12-6500-AFAD and Mytee LTD5.
    Here are some comparisons:
    both have dual 12 gallon tanks, both use a 500 psi pump. Clean Storm uses Pumptec 207v series while Mytee toggles back and forth between brands: General Pump, Pumptec, and Cat (currently default)
    The vacuum motors in the Clean Storm are in series and the vacuum motors in the Mytee are parallel.
    The Clean Storm produces 36,550 vacuum units while consuming an average 25 amps of vacuum power.
    The Mytee LTD5 produces 28,800 vacuum units while consuming an average 25 amps of vacuum power.
    The Clean Storm uses a Little Giant 20 gpm auto dump pump installed in the waste tank.
    The Mytee uses and Aquatec 3.3 gpm auto dump pump mount in the motor box.
    The Clean Storm has 25 ft 12-3 power cords while Mytee provides 50 ft 12-3 power cords.
    Both brands use 10" rear wheels but Mytee uses locking casters on the front casters.
    Both brands use adjustable chemical injection for the auto fill.
    Mytee offers a free hour meter.
    Clean Storm provides a free hose mount lint filter, free auto fill hose, and free auto dump hose.
    Both are great machines with enough vacuum power to use 14 and 15" wide tools to clean 20% faster than traditional carpet cleaning extractors

    Clean Storm 12-6500 AFAD

    Mytee LTD5


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      The tanks on the Mytee 1005DX actually only hold a little over 10 gallons each. I've had very good suction with the 1005DX. I use exclusively for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and some flood work. Don't know if in series would create more suction for this.


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        Dual Mytee C302A vacuum Motors in Series VS Parallel.

        Dual Mytee C302A vacuum motors in Series VS Parallel.
        2 in Series 141 cfm X 245" lift = 34,545 vacuum units
        2 in Parallel 282 cfm X 144" lift = 40,608 vacuum units
        Average amp draw with wand on the floor 24.8 amps
        Max amp draw (wand off the floor) 29.6 amps
        Lowest amp draw (hand over vacuum hose sealed off) 20 amps

        Electro Q6600-084A-MP-26 Mytee C302A 3 stage 120V Conical Bottom Fan Vacuum High Performance Vacuum Motor, Q6600-084A-MP-26, Vacuum Motors, Parts & Accessories, by Electro Motor, Bypass Tangential Exhaust Vacuum Motor Mytee C302A HP High Performanc...

        I want to clarify the difference in the above threads for the vacuum motor performance.
        Mytee stated /test at 200 cfm @ 144" inches of lift so this is where the 28,800 vacuum units comes from.
        The numbers for 282 cfm X 144" comes from the testing at the factory. We tested the Mytee M5 (same vacuum again) on youtube
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          I'm not looking for an auto fill/ auto dump machine. Just fill up with a bucket and dump with a bucket. Mainly just do apartments, and isn't worth the effort or extra money for them 2 features.


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            Compare Clean Storm 12-6500 and Mytee 1005DX

            The models you need to compare is the Clean Storm 12-6500
            Clean Storm 12gal 500psi Dual 6.6 Inch Vacs Carpet Cleaning Machine Hose Set & Wand 12-6500, 12-6500, Electric Truckmounts, Truckmounts by Brand, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Clean Storm,  AT LAST THE PORTABLE EXTRACTOR WEVE ALL BEEN...

            and the Mytee 1005DX
            Rotovac 360i Mytee 1005DX 12gal 500PSI Dual 3 Stage Vacs Carpet Cleaning Machine Package, Rotovac360i 1005DX, Speedster Series Extractors, Portable Extractors by Machine, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Rotovac, Rotovac 360i Mytee 1005DX 12gal 5...

            These are the same as just discussed with the auto fill and dump removed.


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              Really hoping to find other people on here who have purchased the Clean Storm 500 psi model. Get their feedback on how is holding up.


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                Well, this forum seems pretty useless. Evidently no one on here has any feedback on this extractor, except the person selling them.


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                  Forum is used to be helpful

                  For some reason I see other forums as being used totally for equipment bashing, dealer bashing, factory bashing, and everything negative.
                  We will not see this here as the idea of a forum is to be helpful and informative.