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Difference Between Galaxy 2700CXH and FXH

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  • Difference Between Galaxy 2700CXH and FXH

    what is the difference between product code 2700FXH and 2700CXH
    17 gal?

    The EDIC Galaxy Pro 2700CXH has 9 amp 3 stage motors that draw a little less amperage and create less suction. This machine has two power cords. One cord for the heater and one for the two vacs and the water pump.

    EDIC Galaxy Pro 2700FXH has larger 11 amp 3 stage motors that perform 10% better than the 9 amp motors. This is a three corded machine. One for the heater, one for a three stage vacuum, and one for the pump and a vac.

    I have sold several 2700CXH 's to customers that all had to add a third power cord to the machine because it would trip circuit breakers on every job. I would only recommend the EDIC Galaxy Pro 2700FXH.

    Links removed as EDIC ask us to place the equipment on the discontinued list.
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