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Loss of suction - mytee extractor

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  • Loss of suction - mytee extractor

    Hello everyone, I'm new head Abraham Wilson and I acquired a mytee extractor not sure of model number; maybe 1001hv? I have a few problems with this unit. It has 2 vac motors 116765-13. First, Turning on one vac motor I could hear a thud sound and reduced suction after. Other vac motor seems fine. Smoke started to come from the extractor when Running the vac motor with its "blocked" or reduce suction so stopped it immediately. Not sure what to fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Can I save my vacuum motors?

    You need to open the machine and see if you can figure out what vacuum motor sound weird. You should note that Mytee has made several different evolution of this machine with different levels of lint filtration including one design that has no filtration! If you own this no filter model, this means all the hair and carpet fibers are getting sucked into the vacuum motor. They will not pass through the vacuum motor. The vacuum motors only last about 500 hours so even with lint filtration you will need to change the carbon brushes or change out the vacuum motors annually. I am sure you will need to change out the vacuum motor at this point. That model has had several different vacuum motors that have been installed under the hood...
    When the vacuum motors do not sound weird but the air flow and suction is low, you can remove the vacuum motor and use a dental pick to pick out all the fibers that are wrapped around the bottom of the first vacuum motor blades.

    You might want to add a hose mount lint filter

    vac motor 116765-13

    Mytee 1000