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the Goliath really can run with 200 feet hose????

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  • the Goliath really can run with 200 feet hose????

    Question, the Goliath really can run with 200 feet hose????
    Amigos Cleaning Service

    Answer: The question is not specific enough as the Goliath is made with 3 different vacuum configurations.
    Dual 3 stage, 18 amp vacuum, 115 ft
    Quad 2 stage, 30 amp vacuum, 200 ft
    Quad 6.6, 50 amp vacuum, 350 ft.
    The vacuum of each machine design set a new industry standards in vacuum performance.
    The Goliath GO-1500 dual 3 stage was the first machine to ever have a 2HP 1500 psi pump and dual 3 stage vacuum motors paired together. Up to that point nobody had ever figured out how to make so much stuff run on just two power cords.
    The Quad 2 stage, 30 amp unit was the first portable to exceed the vacuum of a gasoline truckmount producing 42,500 vacuum units and yes, cleans 200 feet.
    The smaller gasoline truckmounts that were using the following vacuum blowers: Sutorbilt 3mr, Tuthill 3003, and Roots 33 could only achieve 40,000 vacuum units.
    The Quad 6.6, 50 amp portable way exceeds anything that anybody has ever done by a 100% improvement. Previously other brands of machines max the vacuum at 25 amps. Then the Goliath 30 amp portable was released and now the 50 amp is also available.
    The 50 amp suction pulls a full 15" HG lift and created some new challenges was in the first designed we had machines collapse, waste tank lids cave in, vacuum manifolds get crushed, and many other issues.
    As always, cleaning performance is in direct relation to energy consumed. The more electricity a machine uses the better is works. Simple laws of physics.