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What are your Thoughts on the Mytee ltd3?

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  • What are your Thoughts on the Mytee ltd3?

    Question: What are your Thoughts on the Mytee ltd3?
    Alicia G @ White Glove Cleaning LLC

    Answer: Your question is very non-specific so it makes it hard to answer. The LTD3 advantages, locking front casters help prevent the machine rolling on a sloped driveway. Power cords are 50 ft long. Uses a 20 amp vacuum system and a 3 gpm auto dump. Compared to many other dual 3 stage, 12 gallon machines with 500 psi that is auto fill and dump, some other machine can have the same 20 am vacuum system, or 25 amp vacuum system (Mytee LTD 5, Clean Storm 12-6500, Nautilus Extreme), or even 30 amp vacuum system (Goliath series). Some auto dump machines can be 20 or even 30 gpm auto dump which allows them to be used in water extraction work. Just about any machine you pick, I can always find one that uses more electricity, more power cords, and will be stronger.

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