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I am ready to buy, but which one is better?

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  • I am ready to buy, but which one is better?

    This is what I want: 500PSI, dual 3 Stage with no heat. I will be using it to clean residential carpet. What portable can I get with those specs that is reliable, made with high quality parts, and has more than 11 gal. tank(i don't mind dumping the water and filling manually)? I do not want to do anything else with it except clean carpets in residential homes. I thought the Ninja was the best, but I guess I really don't know.

    Also, is there a way to rate them? For example, #1 is Ninja, #2 Mytee? That way I can pick one that is afordable for me, and know where it ranks with the rest.

    I will be buying a volcano heater 6000 watt, and a Hild scrubber for pre and post scrubbing.

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    like i mentioned in an earlier reply, the ninja would suit your purpose just fine, especially coupled with the hild machine, and the volcano heater.
    ninja machines i believe are the #1 selling portable on the market. very durable, simple and easy to work on when needed.
    normally, its the additional features portables come with (pump outs, auto fill, etc....) that set one ahead of the other as far as rating them goes.
    personally, if i were starting out again, i'd go with the ninja due to its simplicity and reliability, not to mention its affordability.
    give the crew at steambrite a call, you'll find them very helpful as they're nice to do business with.


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      dual 3 stage with 500 psi

      The differences with dual 3 stage 500 psi machines
      Ninja Vac motors in series, Vac motors are import with smaller carbon brushes, 500 psi pump uses expensive M7 motor. This means the machine is lighter than the other models but for a heavy use carpet cleaner, don't expect the vacs or the pump motor to last a year. You will be making a warranty with Century 400 before the year is up. Warranty is one year parts (you pay shipping cost)
      Mytee: vacs are parallel, uses the heaviest and largest pump motor. This makes the model on of the heaviest but will last the longest. Fresh water is filtered twice, built in circuit locator's. 50 ft power cords. One year parts warranty (you pay all shipping cost)
      Sniper Inter-air vacuum motor cooling system, large water pump (like mytee) will pay for parts and labor and even shipping expense on many warranty issues for one year.
      Edic: also a well built machine. Machine is a little harder going up and down stairs (more font end weight), uses a medium size pump motor (no known problems), handles warranty issues well. Only known issue is the Edic still has not followed my recommendation to slot the waste tank lid so as to eliminate crushing on side of the waste tank gasket.
      Octavac can be used for wet and dry applications (air duct cleaning) with out the use of a dustdowner. Washable Hepa filters. 500 psi water pump is external and means direct connect with a water supply or sucking out of a 5 gallon bucket. Machine is all stainless steel and aluminum construction and might get damaged (dented) if is fell down a flight of stairs (I guess the other brands might as well)
      Most all the machies mentioned hear are about the same price when they have the same features. If I was cleaning apartments I like the Ninja for the lighter design, I like Mytee for the 50 ft power cords and built in curcuite locator, I like Edic because you can get it in a 17 gallon tank, I like Octavac for being able to use the machine like a hepa shop vac, and best overall the Sniper.
      The Truckforce and Edge is a little pricey.
      Northland Products did not honor the last two warranty claims from our customers.
      The Whisper / Eclipse is way too hard to work on.


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        I would hope that if I bought a portable, that it would not break down on me for atleast 10 years or so, but I guess not. Are all the portables prone to some type of problems after a year? I would hate tohave to spend more money on a machine that hasn't even payed for itself. You said you liked the Sniper. is it because it usually last longer then the rest?


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          The Ninja is the only one that seems break faster than the others because of the import vacuum motor and the smaller motor used to turn the 500 psi pump. All the other units last about the same. The Sniper offers a resonalble price with a no hassel warranty. This machine is currently only $1590 and includes the hose set and wand.


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            Hi Tiffanyvolk

            I have been there; Have you looked into or can afford a Recoil XPS; It is an awesome machine; Ken sold me one a few months ago and has only seen 7 days of idol time; we have worked it 24 hrs a day in high rise condo buildings cleaning over 1200 units and so far 70 plus apartments move outs in a college campus area. I run 200 ft of 2 inch hose from the unit and 500 psi on the pump continuously. I also use a EDIC powermate(I bought from Ken) that scrubbs carpet very well and extracts in a single motion. I was so lucky to pick up a used valcano heater from a local competitor going out of business and it rocks; on long hose runs I use my edic heater off the pump and the valcano heat 50 ft away from the wand; carpets dry in about 1 to 2 hours with nothing but a/c and ceiling fans running. So if that helps in your decision making; good luck!!