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adding hose to a porty that came with 25 feet of hose

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  • adding hose to a porty that came with 25 feet of hose

    first off hello to all new to this forum i have a small business with a few portys (2 mytees w/ dual 2 stage vacs and 2 kleenrites w/ 2 dual stage vacs. the pumps are assorted either 100 psi or 0-200 psi adjustables. I dont clean with high pressure because we et the chemicals and rotovacs do the work and have plent of customers that are mor impressed with it then other guys with TM's(guess they ue TMs but either bad chemicals or lack of skill or a combo of both.

    they came with 25 ft of hose each. 2 questions 1 could i go an extra 10-15-25 feet. if so how muh difference would i notice. vac wise and solotion wise too. also i am not lookin to leave the machine upstairs ando basement or anything. looking jut to do this either on the same floor or being upstairs with the machin down. thanks in advance

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    rotovac might leave the carpet too wet

    Because of the large vacuum loss on both of Rotovac's felt disk rings, and the fact the Rotovacs usually are putting more water on the carpet than standard wands, we recommend that only dual 3 stage or triple 2 stage extractors are used with this type of wand. The #1 thing that will upset a customer is having wet carpet the day after the cleaning. I would not recommend any more hose at all, rather, add an Octavac booster vac system instead before considering adding more hose.