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    I am going to buy a powerflite floor machine. I want to use it to scrub my prespray in. I am going to get one powerful enough to run a brush on it. Will the brush be ok for doing this or should I use a bonnet? If I use a brush, is there a certain kind I should buy?

    Also, I want to start a business, but I also want to be certified. I don't have a clue what wicking is, or browning is. I also don't have a clue about the priniples of the use of chemicals. I know there is different brands, but what are the principles? I do not see any schools in my area. Are there any online that I can take? I want to be certified in CCT, CMT, OCT, and UFT. Is their a book I can get to get me by until I am able to take a course? I see books on your site, but I don't know which one is right for me.

    I got to tell you, carpet cleaning is not as easy as it looks. There is a ton of information that you need to process before you clean someones carpet or upholstrey.

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    carpet cleaning start up help

    I applaud you in your efforts to learn more about your job and to be a true professional. Currently only 10% of all carpet cleaners ever attend a single carpet cleaning course during their entire lifetime. So as soon as you finish your first course you will be automatically in the top 10% of all carpet cleaners in the country.

    If you are going to scrub with a bonnet you could use a 1 hp floor machine. If you are going to use a brush you should use a 1.5 hp floor machine. You might also consider using a Dirt Napper system that has a 1 inch outer row of bristles and a bonnet in the middle (my favorite. The 17" Dirt Napper uses 15" bonnets. Bonnets are also available in polyester (last the longest), polyester and cotton blends, and pure cotton (absorb the most dirt). Chem-dry did extensive testing and found the polyester/cotton blend offers the best dirt removal performance with bonnets that last a reasonably long time.

    Definition of Wicking: Dispersing of spreading of moisture or liquid through a given area, vertically or horizontally: capillary action in material.
    Definition of Browning: Discoloration caused by release of lignin when cleaning fabric containing cellulose fibers incorrectly. For example if you leave a newspaper on the driveway all day it turns 'brown' because paper is cellulose. Cotton and Jute are examples of cellulose fibers.
    Many carpet cleaners use the term 'browning' incorrectly since most carpets are 100% synthetic means that they cannot 'brown out'. Synthetic fibers can only wick dirt.

    My favorite book is the carpet cleaners handbook
    Carpet Cleaners Handbook, Carpet Clean, Training Books & Videos, by Academy of Textiles Flooring, Houses or High Rise Fiber Peculiarities ID that Bad Boy Styles and Foot Traffic Loss of Color Cleaning Chemistry and the Mfg Rep Chemistry does NOT li...

    The principles of cleaning are covered nicely in this book.

    You can take an on line carpet cleaning course at

    Just keep doing what you are doing and try to always improve your knowledge for "the more you learn the more you earn"