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problem using 2 wands on symphony457-25

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  • problem using 2 wands on symphony457-25

    here's my question been using symphony457-25 for few months now and I have tried to run dual wands but the vacuum suction drops as well as the water temp. and spray pressure. what i'm wondering is what exactly do i need to do to be able to run both wands at the same time. thanks in advance for any help

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    dual wand carpet cleaning

    There not going to be able to do much for this situation. The only thing you can do is raise the rpm up as high as the machine will go and place small jets on the floor wands. Don't use any more vacuum hose than you have to as well as if one person sets the wand down, he will need to lean the wand so that it does not loose suction on the vacuum lip, so the other tech can keep working.


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      Thanks for the reply. I guess I was just under the impression that since it came with two connections that you would be able run it with two wands at one time with minimal performance change.