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Dual 3 stage Rotovac CFX VS Mytee 7303LX

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  • Dual 3 stage Rotovac CFX VS Mytee 7303LX

    Jose, I am receipt of your voicemail and you stated that the Mytee 7303LX does not shoot out the water. You also stated that you felt the original Rotovac CFX dual 3 stage would shoot out the water. You also stated you originally wanted the Rotovac CFX but they were slow in your order fulfillment so switched to the Mytee 7303LX branded machine. You stated you wish you would have not approved the switch.
    I am going to clarify your statements...
    To begin with I think switching to the Mytee was a wise choice as even after 30 days of waiting for Rotovac filling the order and even after they switch models and tank size several times, they still ultimately could never get their act together and tell us what was really available to ship and when it would ship. When you approved the switch to the Mytee 7303LX this was a wise choice since more than 30 day elapsed since you placed your order. This is not the norm for Rotovac so not sure what was going on that month... If you had not approved the switch, combined with the holiday season closures would have further delayed your order.
    Let's compare both the Rotovac CFX dual 3 stage to the Mytee 7303LX how are the the same and different.
    Both the Rotovac CFX and Mytee each have 2 vacuum motors installed under the hood with an 3 gallon per minute dirty water auto pump out in a compact housing. They both shoot out dirty filtered water.
    Filtered mean you have to use either a hose mount lint filter (not included) or a mesh sock or bag in the waste tank to catch carpet fibers and lint. If you do not filter the dirty water the auto dump pump will clog up and quit working. Neither unit offer clean water high pressure cleaning. In other words a high pressure clean water pump used to push water to a carpet cleaning wand. Please visit photo at
    You will notice that the water pressure travels from the building > to the sink > to the cleaning tool > water is pick up by the Mytee 7303LX or the Rotovac CFX > dirty water is pushed to the toilet, sink or outside. Another difference between both machine is the Rotovac dual 3 stage is it is a 20 amp vacuum. The Mytee 7303LX is a 30 amp dual 6.6 vacuum. This means the Mytee offers 50% more suction, faster dry times, longer hose runs. Both operate on 2 standard wall outlets. Optionally some customer will purchase a high pressure cleaning pump to pick up the pace of carpet cleaning. Example, visit

    and{21}210{51}347{26 }224

    The above are both example of carry in pressure pumps that are commonly found inside or under the hood of carpet cleaning machines.
    The more pressure and gallons per minute you push through the cleaning tool and carpet the faster you can move. This is referred to as cleaning units and is defined as Max Gpm X Max PSI = cleaning units/speed.
    The cleaning unit rating of both the Rotovac CFX and the Mytee 7303LX is Zero as neither unit offer high pressure cleaning.
    There are numerous machines that offer all the above which can include vacuum, high pressure cleaning pump, and dirty water pump out.
    Using a synergistic or modular cleaning offer many advantages to all in one machines. Many that they are cheaper, lighter, easier to load and unload, and can offer stronger overall performance numbers. Purchasing all in one machine are usually designed with every component operating on just 2 power cords so as you increase the size of the water pump, you have to have smaller vacuum motors. Or as you increase the size of the vacuum system, you have to have smaller pump and heating systems. Synergistic and modular cleaning equipment does not have these limitation and is usually easier to plug in. It is way easier to plug in 3 or 4 ten and 15 amp power cords than dual 20 amp power cords. (not every building has 20 amp breakers)
    In summary I think you might have thought that either or both of these machine had a high pressure clean water pump installed under the hood and neither do.

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