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Looking for a light weight powerfull carpet cleaning machine?

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  • Looking for a light weight powerfull carpet cleaning machine?

    Questions:Hi I emailed your company through the website earlier this week but I don't know if it went through, and tried to do a live chat today on your website but I closed it out before I talked to any one by mistake. I have my eyes on 2 different portables right now. One is your clean storm 6-3300-H. I was wondering can autofill/dump be added to clean storm 6-3300-H? I know in the description it said no but in the additional options it could have been added, so I was not sure. If it can not be added, can the external/portable autofill/dump silver suitcase looking thing you sell on your website be hooked up to it? I am a little worried about having to stop too often by myself with no helper to empty and fill it, but I do like that it's close to 100 pounds and has adjustable 300psi, and nice vacuum power.
    Can that autofill/dump suitcase thing be used on a portable with a dome lid?(portable I already have)
    I am open to any portable if you have any suggestions for another one. My biggest thing with a portable right now is I want it to be around 100 pounds at the most for my back by myself and I want it to be strong enough that I can bring it in the home and set up and leave it parked there most the time if I can and clean most the house without having to bring it up and down stairs alone(maybe with a vac booster if I need it depending on machine i get). I would possibly want autofill/dump or the ability to add it later. I also would like something a little different then I already have, which is an old US Products hhp-150. 2 dual stage vacuums 140" lift, upgrading pump to 220psi soon cuz needs to be replaced, and I think 87 pounds. I just don't want to buy something I already have but newer, and want something a little better as well.
    On another machine I am looking at, I would like to know if you have something similar or if I went with this one, if you could help me upgrade some stuff on it? It is a CleanFreak adjustable 500psi non heated machine that weighs 95 pounds.
    As far as upgrading the CleanFreak if I purchase that machine, I would like to know the difference between the 20a and a 15a external heaters you sell. (thinking if i go none heated i can use an external for the new machine and another piece of equipment I have to) Do they achieve the same heat? Can it be upgraded to a 2" vac port and do you sell the stuff to do it? Can auto fill/dump be added to it and do you sell the stuff to do it, or will that suitcase auto fill/dump thing you sell work on it? I would probably eventually be interested in grabbing one of your vac boosters for this machine if I go this route too.
    I am traveling for about the next 2 weeks and will be out of the country for 8 days so email is the best way to communicate right now. Please let me know if you can help me or have any suggestions for a new machine for me. Thank you for your time.

    Answers: The 6-3300-H as well as all the other 6 gallon machines, the tank is too small to mount a pump inside of the vacuum tank. The only way to do it, is through an external pump through the lid.
    Pressure feed auto fill can be added to all machines.
    Auto dump can be added to all machine externally through the waste tank lid.
    The weight of a carpet cleaning machine is not as much the plastic housing as the internal parts that create the performance.
    Example you selected the 6-3300-H and this would be similar to any 12 gallon machine with dual 3 stage, 300 psi, and 2 heaters.
    A 12 gallon machine would only have a little more plastic that a 6 gallon machine with the same internal guts.
    I expect it might weight 120 lbs.
    Adding auto fill and dump will add additional weight too.
    For people that want light weight, I would suggest separating the vacuum from the water pump.
    Example visit
    This combines a 28 amp vacuum with a 15 amp pump. This is 100% stronger than you clean Freak option with a 15 amp vacuum and a 1 amp water pump.
    It is already auto fill and dump and is strong enough for tile and grout cleaning and can operate 150 ft of hoses.
    Product weight is only 40 lbs vacuum and 50 lbs water pump.
    We have lots of synergistic cleaning options on our website. You simply combine any flood pumper with any pressure washer to make your own system.
    All electric water heaters reach the same max temperature when you set down the wand and quit cleaning. Most will say, "reaches 200 degrees in 2 minutes." This is true with all of them.
    This has nothing to do with the temperature rise you will achieve during actual use. Most will provide a 25 degree rise for each 2000 watts of energy you place in the water. Depending on the amp draw or watts of the heater this can be more or less temperature rise.
    15 amp is way easier to plug in and less likely to trip a breaker. Not all homes and business can operate a 20-amp heater. 15-amp heaters work everywhere, all the time.
    Amp draw is king. The more electricity you use, the better, faster cleaning you have.
    All the heaters are located at

    Clean Storm 6-3300-H