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  • Mytee HP60 Questions and answers

    Mytee HP60 Question and Answers:
    Question: Can I mix my cleaner with the water that I pour into my fresh water tank?
    Answer: NO! This is not recommended as you should always prespray, agitate the cleaners and then use the machine to rinse off what I have already presprayed and scrubbed. Most cleaners will ruin the pump and the heater at the same time.

    Question: Since it is a heated machine, can I use cold water?
    Answer: You can but will supply minimal heating results. Please note this is a super small heater and will only boost the water temperature about 20 degrees F hotter than what you pour into the freshwater tank, so if I add cold 65-degree water, the machine is only going to clean at 85 degrees F. If I use 120-degree hot tap water, now I can clean at 140 degrees.

    Question: Is this a steam Cleaner?
    Answer: No. This is a hot water extraction machine as it will not clean with steam.

    Question: What is the hottest water temperature that this machine will accept being poured into the fresh tank?
    Answer: 140 degree F.

    Question: Factory states up to 120 psi, does it actually clean at 120 psi?
    Answer: No. This machine is a suction feed machine and not a pressure feed machine. This means when you squeeze the wand trigger, the pump has to suck the water out of the water tank as well as push it though the heater and out the hose. If you convert the machine to pressure feed it would provide 120 psi but being that it is suction feed it will be a little under this number.

    Question: Factory states heats water up to 210 degrees, is this true?
    Answer: Yes, when you set the cleaning wand down and quit cleaning the 8 oz heater under the hood will reach 210 degrees and turn itself off. When you pick up the wand and start cleaning again, the heater will turn itself back on and provide you 8 ounces of really hot water. But for the average person cleaning and using the machine, expect a 20 degree rise up and above what ever you pour into the machine to start.

    Question: Is this a ‘good’ or ‘professional’ machine?
    Answer: This is the most common question of them all and the answer is both yes and no. Please note Amp draw is king! In the world of auto detail machines, we sell them with one power cord, 2 cords, 3, 4, 5 and 6 power cords. We have systems that burn propane, kerosene, diesel fuel to heat the water. Systems that use open spray wands, closed spray wands, and internal spray wands. So out of the 500+ different machines we sell it is near the bottom of the barrel on professional machines drawing 20 amps at 120 volts. Any machine that uses more power than this will out clean this machine. This is the laws of physics. The more energy you place in the vacuum, pump and heating system the faster you can clean. I had the Hertz Rent-A-Car account for years and you never consider this machine as it is just too slow. Most professionals would consider a 30 to 40 amp machine for professional cleaning. The flip side of this is this is one of the best-selling machine out of all of them because of this price. It is a lot of machine for the money. I had a customer stated he wanted to return the machine as he complained it was too slow. This is like a customer purchasing a bicycle and then complaining if does not drive as fast as an internal combustion engine. If you want to clean like a 40 amp machine, purchase a 40 amp machine. Do not purchase a 20 amp machine and complain that it does not perform like a 40 amp machine.

    Question: Can I use this machine on a 15 amp breaker?
    Answer: Yes, simply turn the heater off. The water pump and vacuum will use less than 15 amps.

    Question: How long does it take to heat the 5 gallons of water?
    Answer: It will never heat the 5-gallon tank of water. The heater is a separate tank under the hood. The water passes from the fresh tank, to the pump, then to the 8 oz heater, then to the hoses and cleaning tool. At no time will the hot water go back into the fresh water tank.

    Question: How do not test the heater to make sure it is working?
    Answer: Fill the machine with cold water, turn on the heater, wait 3 minutes and then squeeze the trigger. Feel the brass quick coupler that leaves the machine, and you will be able to tell the heater works because the coupler will get warm. This test is only for testing the heater as you are supposed to fill the machine with hot water! The problem with testing the heater with already hot water is the water is already hot and the machine is only going to make the water hotter, making it harder to know if it is actually working.

    Question: Is the machine freeze / thaw stable?
    Answer: No! Letting the machine free will ruin the pump and the heater at the same time.

    Question: If I do not like the machine, can I return it?
    Answer: No. All new machines include a full factory parts warranty but neither the factory nor SteamBrite have a free rental program. Once you use the machine it is no longer OK to return it. How would you like us to ship you someone else’s used return when you order a brand new machine? You would not like this and you expect a brand new machine when you order a brand new machine. Since these machines are sold almost at cost, offering returns is just not an option. It is way better to ask questions now and purchase the correct machine for your budget and application up front.

    Question: Does the pump run all the time?
    Answer: No, the pump is on a pressure switch. When you depress/ squeeze the trigger the pump will turn on, when you let go the pump will turn off.

    Question: If I run out of water, will the pump self prime back up once I start cleaning again?
    Answer: Maybe. If it does not prime up, water the video on youtube, search “steambrite prime pump.”

    Question: Does the machine include a plastic cleaning wand or a stainless-steel cleaning wand?
    Answer: As of today 2022-04-20, they include a plastic wand. Please note the factory is super clear that they reserve the right to make changes as they see fit bases on parts availability and warranty issues without notifying the dealers or the public. All orders filled by part / model number only. This goes for color too. They reserve the right to ship you whatever color or shade they want but most orders are filled in the blue family.

    Question: If I have a warranty issue, who is going to fix this machine?
    Answer: You are. The factory warranty is parts only and does not include shipping or labor cost. If you have a warranty issue, you will have to remove the broken part and mail it back to the factory for testing. The factory does not ship out replacement parts until your broken part has been received. All shipping cost are handled by the customer. Please note that over 99% of all issues are customer caused by allowing the machine to freeze, allowing the pump to lose it prime, using and storing chemicals in the pump and heater, and clogged spray nozzles and will not be covered by the factory warranty. I have been selling these machines for over 20 years and currently do not know of a single warranty issue that was not caused by the customer’s neglect. In other words, if you take care of the machine, it is super reliable. All warranty issues are handled by email only. You cannot call on the phone and you will be required to email photos, serial number, invoice number, and explain all the testing you have completed thus far. Example to say, “it does not work,” the factory is never going to know what part you might need… You will have to participate in the repair process and if you do not think you are OK with this, you should not purchase equipment online at a discount but rather pay full retail price at a retail store. Some parts are 90-day warranty, some are a year, and the housing is 5 years but pro-rated (like a car battery.) These machines are super easy to work on and most repairs take under 15 minutes to perform. There is no reason you should ever have to ship back the entire machine.