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What would be a better machine?

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  • What would be a better machine?

    Hello to all,
    I am using a recoil 3hp wih power booster. I run 100 feet of 1 1/2 inch hose from the van. What machines would be more powerful than the recoil? I am flexible on the specs of it but would like more suction, heat and psi pump. I want more power.
    Any ideas on what would be a better portable? I am very flexible on the auot pump out ect. I do have a fresh water tank that the machine needs to get water from.
    Thanks for any guidance.
    Ray w.

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    More cleaning power

    you need a Prowler gas powered truckmounted carpet cleaning machine.
    Because it is gas powered, you will find it heat the water much better than you our now. I am also concerned that you are using all 1.5" ID hose the full 100 ft. If your equipment is ported for 2" you should run the 2" hose for the first 75 to 100 ft and only use the 1.5" hose the last 12 ft.
    The recoil 3 with a booster usually is running 3 three stages of vacuum producing almost 300 cfm (manufacture says 400 cfm). The maximun cfm you can pull through 1.5" ID hose is only 200 cfm, and 400 cfm through 2" vacuum hose.