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    Been reading the forums and it seems that the 2 best machines seem to be the Mytee or the Sniper. While they both look good from what i have read i was looking for larger tanks 17-20 gallon maby. Feature wise the Mytee 1003dx is what im looking for or the equivalant Sniper. The forums have been very informative i have learned alot about the quality of equipmet pumps and motors here. I personaly would rather spend 30 seconds lugging a heavier pump up a flight of stairs then an hour replacing a lighter one every 6 months. Or dealing with the down time associated when it fails in the middle of a job.

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    Mtyee VS Sniper / Olimpus

    The Sniper and the Mytee both use the same larger, longer lasting pump motor. The sniper offers a better warranty. Mytee offers double water filtation. Sniper offers cooler running vacuum motors. Mytee offers longer extension power cords. A tough choice to choose between the two, but the better warranty with Sniper might be the one thing to push me over to that company.