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50,000 vac. units - What's max. hose length?

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  • 50,000 vac. units - What's max. hose length?

    Donald or anyone else that may know,
    What is the max. 2" hose length I can use while running 4 x 3-stage vac. motors all in parallel (50,000 vacuum units).
    I was using 150' of 2'' hose while running 3 x 3-stage vac. motors in parallel, with excellent suction. Now that I've added another parallel 3-stage motor, what is the max. length of 2'' hose I can safely use?
    If you need to know, I am running the solution at 400 psi (in-line psi gauge at the trigger).

    Thanks for your help,

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    hose length

    I know you can operate 200 ft with 2" hose fine. I notice at 250 ft you can feel the suction drop off a bit.


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      Question for Donald

      I'm setting up four lamb motors (117500-12, 3 stage) in 2 pairs of series then parellel with two 2" stacks to a 55 gallon drum. These are the big 7.2" 3 stage motors and each motor independantly offers 145.9" lift and 102.5 CFM. How much 2" smooth bore hose can I effectively run with this set up before needing an inline vacuum booster behind the wand?
      My combined lift and cfm numbers for the entire system should be as follows:
      145.9+94.835=240.735" H2o Lift
      (or if you divide by 13.5 it converts to 17.832"Hg lift).
      92.25x2=184.5 CFM
      240.735x184.5=44,415.6 Total vacuum units.
      I figure I should be able to go about 200 feet out, but the lift is kinda high for the amount of CFM in the system which i think makes the it somewhat unbalanced. Do you agree, or am I missing something? Am I doing this right so far? Thanks.