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mytee dx1003 & Rotovac ???

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  • mytee dx1003 & Rotovac ???

    Hi there folks , im opening up my carpet biz in June 08 . Im going to be using a rotovac and mytee dx 1003 2000 watt heater and 450 psi . Any neggative thoughts on my purchase , I only bought the rotovac used for 650 excellrnt condition. I dont have big budget going to using door knob hangers and a add in flyer for some advertising at 6.50 rm and .10 for santiser .10 scotchgaurd 10 dollars a room deep scrub with rotovac. If any you alll can help a young man out please give me som input,

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    too much pressure

    i think 450 psi is a lot of water for dont need much pressure to clean as roto has such good agitation. you can block off 2 jets to cut water as roto is famous for using so much. i found roto vac works better with a high cfm aka recoil as opposed to lift vac set up. roto kicks butt on trashed apartments but can be slow. how many stage vacs and are they paralell or series? good luck.......youlll do well.