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    Hi I want to buy a portable machine. I want to know what unit to get. I live in a college town so I will mainly doing apartments and Rental houses. From the front door to the furthest point is mabe 50ft. Rental houses mabe 75ft. I was thinking EDIC: Galaxy Pro - 250psi - 170" Lift [2700DX-HR].
    1. How many rooms can I do on one fill up with this machine(150 sq ft per room)?
    2. How many cords does this machine has?
    3. How hot does the water get and how long will it take to get that hot.
    4. How long will it take me to clean 500 sq ft of carpet? All carpet needs to be shampooed.
    5. How long would it take for the carpet to dry?
    6. What roto will would be a good match for a portable?
    7. Is this machine powerfull enough to leave at the front door and clean 75ft-100ft away? If not what can I do to upgrade it after I made some money
    8. I want to just clean carpet for now and make money to buy a better machine so I can do carpet and hard surfaces. What machine would you recommend for carpet and hard surfaces?
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    Edic 2700dx-hr

    answers to each question number.
    1. 2 rooms
    2. 1 cord with no heat and two with heat. The model number you selected does not come with a heater rather the 2700DX-HR-H does.
    3. Heater holds 8 oz of water. Heater 8 oz of water to 180 degrees in two minutes. This means a 25 to 50 degree rise up and above the water temperature you pour in the machine (just like all other 2000 watt heaters).
    4. 30 min to 90 min depending on the number of steps you want to incorporate in your cleaning process.
    5. 3 hours to 24 hours depending on the relitive humidity (RH) of the room and air circulation and the number of steps you want to incorporate as part of your cleaning process.
    6. You would need to decide for your self if you want a lghter 68 lbs machine or a heavier 100 lbs machine. I personally like lighter machines like the Koblenz 13" unit with a glide brush.
    7. this machine will clean with 50 ft of hose. Please consider a dual 3 stage machine go travel 75 ft of hose. You can add a portable vacuum booster to add more hose length.
    8. hard surface cleaning is best performed with any machine that is auto fill and auto dump with at least 1200 psi pump. I would purchase a Mytee 7000, install the universal vac booster on top, and use the Mytee Water Hog for a pump.


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      Thanks for the reply. On answer 3. Are you saying that the heater will get the water 25 - 50 degrees hotter. So faucet hot water( that gotta be 100 degrees )+ 25 -50 = 125 -150 degree water. That 25 - 50 degree increase in temperture so that make the moluces move 2 - 4 times faster, so the chemical can vibrate more against the dirt right. That sounds good to me


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        Water temp

        Correct. The average faucet water temperature is 100 to 120 degrees F. Heated machines will create at least double water molecule vibration than non heated machines and at least twice as agressive.