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  • Autodetailing portable extractor

    Hi new here, looking for information on a portable extractor to use in detailing, looking at the Durrmaid heated spot extractor ( s2h-1500 ) or the Aztec Hot Rod Spotter one for interior carpets, don't know anything about these but the price is in my range of what I would like to spend on a unit, need to know the pros and cons so I can get my order in, I now use the Bissell little green machine w/heater very inexpensive not the best so need one that works better than this one I have, Thanks.

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    Originally posted by John
    Well so long as you're using them for detailing they're perfect. Problem is a lot of people try to use them for full on carpet cleaning, and that's where things get iffy. (If you're looking into carpet cleaning, you'd really want a machine that's got at least a single three stage motor, the least expensive unit I'd seen that has that is by EDIC, a 500AX)

    After you compare those specs to each other, it really boils down to your personal prefereance.

    So the durrmaid is better than the aztec one? that is the one your would choose if you were in my shoes? Thanks
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      agressive auto detailing equipment.

      Pressure is in direct relationship to cleaning time. 100 psi machines can clean a car twice as fast as 55 psi machines and 200 psi machine with internal spray hand tools can clean a car 4 times faster than 55 psi machines. All these machines will last for many, many years (10+) and over the life expectancy of these machines to pay twice as much for a machine that cleans two to four times faster is well worth the money. If you can afford it, please look at the 6 gallon Sandia Sniper with 100 psi, 3 stages of vacuum, with heat
      or the 200 psi, 4 stages of vacuum and 2000 watts of heat