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  • Looking for some advice.....


    I am new to this site, and am glad to see it exists......
    Currently i am running a Mytee 1001dx ( with internal heater), and a not clear on something?
    When i turn on the heaters it seems the machine heats quicker and and hotter when only using the #1 setting, even thought you would think turning on the #2 stage heater would work better.....
    Is there something wrong with this machine or is the #2 setting for something else altogether
    If anyone else has had a similar issue, and knows what i am talking about i'd appreciate any help you can offer
    thanks for your time

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    1001 dx

    you should email mytee or go to mytee forum where labarbera s who own mytee could answer best ,not to say you cant get great dvice here they just deal with the speedsters every day. This forum is a real slow one for answers. type carpet cleaning forums in your google bar and join every one of them they help alot,espially Mikeys bb .Just curious why go with 100 psi pump another 150 could have gotten 450psi.


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      Mytee heater switch

      The 2000 watt heater is acually two seperate 1000 watt heaters. When you place the switch one direction it turns on both heaters and when you turn the swith the other direction it only turns on one heater.


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        thanks for the advice

        i appreciate your input,