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  • Popping breakers

    I have a mytee 'speedster' made in 04. 100 psi pump, 2/2stage motors.

    It has sat for some time...but seems to run fine. However, it pops 15 amp breakers at about 10 minutes or so.

    I dot recall if it did this when new or not. somehow i think I was told to use 15 amp circuits.

    The motors are rusty...not horrible but enough.

    Is this normal or do I need to replace the motors?

    If replacement is needed, is there any reason I could not replace with one, domel, 3 stage and have decent dry-times? or should i replace with OEM amtek lambs?

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    Change my 2 stage vacuum with dual 3 stage

    To find the problem, you need to take a replacement 3 prong extension cord male plug end and install it one by one directly on each motor and pump and plug into an separate extension power cord. If each of the three motor work fine, the problem is not with the motors, and could be either the building you where in or with the wiring inside the machine (the building being the most probable). You can install or replace the 2 stage vacuum motors with 3 stage vacuum motors, but you will have to add an additional power cord. You cannot operate dual 3 stage vacuum motor machine on two power cords. This is a fairly easy project to do. It is always possible that if you have allowed some water to be processed through the vacuum motor, that motor might need to be replaced. I have had vacuum motors that trip breakers after having water processed through them, yet do seam to work find. Once we replace the vacuum motors, the breaker popping problem stops.
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      Your reply was a little confusing.

      Let's go at it from this angle; of the two motors, one has a very distinct sound when the vacuum hose is closed (by that I mean when I hold my hand over the opening) that vacuum motors' pitch increases as it trys to find air.

      The other motor makes no different sound. However, this second motor is much quieter.

      The building is my home and I do not recall having this issue before.

      Foam did contact the motors in time past and they are rusty.

      I suppose I really want to know if the thing ir worth reparing or should be replaced.


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        Update: It was worth repairing.


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          vacuum motors trip breakers

          I don't think the vacuum motors need to be replaced for a little rust. May times customer abuse their machine by not rinsing out the waste tank when then are going to store the machine and they fail to leave the lid off or leave the dump valve closed. That keeps all the humidity in the waste tank that travels down the vacuum stack pipes into the vacuum motors. I wanted you to test each component separately outside of the machine wiring. This is performed by installing a replacement extension cord end on each device inside of the motor box. You do not have to removed each vacuum motor to bench test each vacuum motor. The third thing I wanted to share, was 15 amp breakers are only rated for 15 amps on the first trip. Electrical code is only for one through. Each time a breaker trips, the rating is slightly reduced. After a while the breaker would have to be replaced.


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            Turns out I did all of the things we are not supposed to do. I foamed it, stored it wet, let it sit too long etc.

            One of the motors was really loud. I mean really loud too. Replaced it first and issue solved.

            I will either update to 2, 3 stages or buy your screw on booster.

            I am not unhappy with my dry times now though.

            I appreciate your help.