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Hard surface tool on mytee dx1003

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  • Hard surface tool on mytee dx1003

    I am looking for a hard surface tool to clean a small room. I was thinking of using my mytee dx1003. It has up to 450psi and water heater. I was wondering if it has enough power to use the 12 in typhoon tile wand or should I stick to some sort of grout wand. I don't wan't to buy something and find out the machine doesn't have enough psi to do a good cleaning as I see the tile and grout cleaners have about 1200 psi
    Any suggestions


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    Mytee 1003DX for tile and groute cleaning

    First of all most electric systems clean at only half the psi they are rated at. I Mytee 1003DX might only clean at 225 psi depending on the spray jet size(s) and the 1200 psi pumps as low as 600 psi. You will see the pressure bounce back and forth on the pressure gauge depending on whether or not you are using the water at the moment. The Mytee 1003DX is only going to have enough pressure to operate a single jet grout wand. Like the Raptor Classic, Kroc-o-tile, or the Gekko wand (all three of these are in stock at The pressure is only going to be strong enough to rinse the floor not clean the floor. Another words you will need to prespray and prescrub the floor first and then use the Mytee to rinse the floor.


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      1003 and hard surfaces

      I've got a Mytee 1003DX and a Rotovac 360. What I was told when looking at tile and grout tools is that you need at least 700 psi or so. My 360 has a motor so I can even run it at 100psi if needed. Plus it has a brush to agitate so I don't need a higher PSI all the time.


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        tile cleaning options

        Agitation is 25% of your cleaning results, and pressure is a form of agitation, so the 360 would be a big help. From an economical standpoint, you do not need a $2000 wand to scrub the floor. You could have purchased a $500 rotary floor machine to get the same results. Or even better yet, you could agitate the floor and pressure rinse it with your 700 psi.