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  • Mytee 1003-DX

    This machine seems to work very nice for regular cleaning, but when it comes to water damage extraction or flooding a carpet area for pet urine treatment, using a small water claw. The seal/suction does not seem to be adequate. My Eclipse seems to do a better job regarding the water claw. Would this have anything to do with CFM vs. Lift. Is there any attachment for the Mytee that would improve the water claw suction? Thanks for any input.

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    Mytee 1003DX Vs TMI Whisper

    Just as a side note the Eclipse is also sold here at SteamBrite under the Whisper label. The weird thing about your comment is the Whisper/Eclipse VS the Mytee 1003DX is they both are 6 stages of vacuum. The Universal Vacuum Booster does screw onto the top of the Mytee unit but will not work with the TMI Whisper/Eclipse. I do think you observations are interesting since I would think the higher CFM would would better than higher inches of lift on a large surface area device like a water claw.


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      I wished I had found your site earlier. Am sure I would like to do business in the future. I will have to order a catalog from you. I am baffled why the seal/suction of the water claw seems to be much less with the Mytee as compared to the Eclipse. I can't find any defects. Maybe a 2" hose would take care of the problem.


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        mytee 1003DX with the Water Claw

        I am sorry, but we do not mail out catalogs. We get about 700 price changes a month from our vendors and the print would always be out of date.