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need help choosing portable to fit my needs

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  • need help choosing portable to fit my needs

    This is my situation, I own a small licensed cleaning business along with a full time Job. I clean vacant rental houses (1 to 3 a week) for a large property management company, they are happy with my work and mentioned they could use another good carpet cleaner. There is only 3 or 4 in the area and they claim only 1 is any good (gets out the pet stains, odors other stains & makes carpet look new) the others not so much. They all use truck mounts. The renters in this area are not so great and most carpet ends up pretty dirty and stained. I have read the thread that you request regarding people calling and asking whats the best machine i can get. I understand it is not that simple. However even with reading the thread it becomes still very difficult with all the choices available. The houses/ apartments I clean can range from 600 sq ft to 2000 but all are vacant and usually avg 1000 sq ft. I would want something powerful 400 to 500 PSI, the ability to not change water constantly, something not too heavy as some apartments are up stairs, a heater. Just an all around quality machine, I do not see expanding to any other hard surface cleaning. Something with a good wand to start ( do not want to buy and realize right away I have to spend hundreds of $ on a quality wand. I plan to purchase from you but need help determining what I need. Also after purchasing a machine where can one get any training? obviously it is not as simple as just buying a machine, It is my goal to be like the 1 good carpet guy and not like the other 3 bad ones.
    Thanks for your time

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    I am not Donald but I do carpet cleaning and I use a porty most of the time. On other times, I use a Low Moisture system but that is another story/post.

    If you want heat, 450-500 psi and good vacuum, auto fill/dump... you may also have umpteen power cords. and it might be 150 pounds.

    auto fill dump is useful but not as much as one might first imagine.

    I have a Mytee speedster with 2 2 stages vac. I just upgraded the hose to 2" and my recovery is awesome! although my pump is only 100 psi, it is unimportant since I pre scrub with an OP machine (but a rotary is fine.) I also use the OP to dry the carpet if I get em very wet.

    I MAY go through 20 gallons of water on a 2500 foot house. If I were to start over, I'd likely get the Mytee 1003 DX (?) 450 psi, on board heat, 2-3 stages of vac and no auto fill/dump.

    Mytee has served me well. My machine is 3 years old and very little issue. The one issue i had was my fault. I foamed the motors and resulted in changing em.

    hope this input helps....some


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      Thanks for the help!

      After doing more research today that is actually the machine I was leaning towards. It is listed here at 1,688.00 says machine only but also says includes 25ft hose and wand, but then for 200 more you can purchase a 25ft hose and wand as an upgrade, so I am confused about that. Does it come with this as it says and the 200 dollars is for a better upgraded hose and wand? I think this machine would suit me well. On the video it also says not to forget your rotary, is a rotary necessary? I thought with such a powerful heated machine you could simply pre-spray and then clean, is it necessary to pre-scrub? what are the purpose of the rotary cleaners? they are very expensive, seems like it creates another whole step? and more than doubles your investement. when I have witnessed my carpets being cleaned I never witnessed any pre scrubbing, they simply used the wand, also watched them remove kool-aid stains with a poweful solution in a spray bottle and a rag and Iron. It turned out great, I was Impressed. Can I purchase a pre-sprayer and rake along with the machine and use the hose and wand it comes with (if it comes with one)will I need anything else other than solution? and a training video?


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        your first carpet cleaning machine

        The Mytee 1003DX is a very popular machine. It is a lot of machine for the money. It is a bit heavy (about 139 lbs) but certainly not impossible to take up and down a flight of stairs or to lift in and out of your service vehicle. The Sandia makes a machine with the same internal guts but has a better housing and better vacuum motor protection against foam and lint. I like the Sandia uses draw backs are dual 25 ft power cords (instead of 50 ft) and 1-1/2” vacuum port on the face of the machine (instead of 2”.) Mytee machine typically ship faster than Sandia. Please visit:
        Sandia Sniper 12 - 500psi - 2 3Vacs - 2000 Watt Heater 80-3500H with optional flood pumper, 80-3500-H, Sniper 12 Gal Carpet Cleaning Machine, Portable Extractors by Machine, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Sandia Plastic,     25 foot V...

        The posting of the Mytee 1003DX machine only, is machine only. No hoses and no wand. I fixed the website. Not only would you want to purchase the hose set and wand, you would want to purchase an extra 50 ft of hose. You can purchase this 50 ft section in 2” ID or 1-1/5” ID. The 2” performs better but is bulkier to handle.
        I am currently working on making the industries first portable that is going to have 4 two stage vacuums in dual series parallel (offering an impressive 32,000 vacuum units), 500 psi, 20 gpm stainless steel auto dump, 500 psi pump, 10,000 BTU heater, 20 gallon waste tank, auto fill, 12” rear tires, 5” front casters, only 139 lbs and runs on two power cords. It is not in production yet but being tested now. I expect one the first one to be ready in about 30 days. The neat thing about this is its ability to clean with 200 ft of 2” hose. I am only bring this up encase you are not in the market for a machine right now.
        OK, now address the prescrub issue. In this Forums section, click on ‘Search’, type in ‘cleaning pie’. Agitation is one fourth of the cleaning pie. Pressure is a form of agitation. A 450 psi machine only clean at 225 to 325 psi depending on the size of jets you install on your cleaning wand. 11% of the population never cleans their carpets. The average carpet is ten times dirtier than the street. At some point you will invest in a rotary floor machine and power scrub your prespray in before you rinse. Maybe not on every job but it will be needed every now and then. Can you go years without cleaning your ****t on your car and then just pressure wash it and expect it to be perfect? No, you would have to prescrub it with a foaming brush before you pressure wash it. The same is true with carpet. And pressure washing is 1200 psi on smooth service and the Mytee is 325 psi on a porous surface.
        Chemical question: Carpet cleaning does not remove the following stains: Synthetic dye stains (KoolAid, Big Red, Fanta Red, Cough Syrup) – removed with Red Relief; Organic Stain (Urea, Blood, Grass, Wine, Coffee, Tea, Mustard) – removed with Dynamic Duo; Ink – removed with Ink Out followed by Dynamic Duo; Rust – removed with Novel rust remover. These would be on the truck in addition to the four major cleaning chemicals: Powerhouse, Kryptonite, Dry Cleaner, Flush. If you want to do pet deodorization use Pounce with a Water Claw. If you want to sell fabric protection, I carried three different ones on my truck. A fluorocarbon protector –like En Guard, an acid dye protection product – CTI Stain Guardian Ultra, and a Solvent protector for dry clean only upholstery.
        Training: We offer a 4 pack of dvd training for $40 covers about 6 hours of training. These are not professionally recorded, hence the cheap price. Just me, talking to a group of cleaners. The information is very valid and quality of the recording is poor but understandable. We also offer professional recorded training and books. Most average about $100 per hour.
        You would want to purchase a Grandi Groom Carpet Rake, and Injection sprayer, internal spray hand wand (cleans upholstery, autos, and mattresses,) straight stair wand (cleans under beds too,) roll of Stick Tabs.


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          What will be the cost of the machine you are building

          Thanks for the info, Just wanted to make sure I could get started without having to purchase a rotary to start, since that would double my my understanding is with very dirty carpets a rotary is necessay for optimal cleaning. I was looking to hopefully be right around $2000 as an investement and the Mytee 1003DX seemed like a good machine at 1600 and 200 for wand & the other things you mentioned would be a little over
          2000 probably closer to 2500. I also was actually looking at the Sandia as you suggested. I am not in a hurry just started researching and this will be a part time adventure so I didnt want to make a huge investment but still want a quality machine. (may work into full time with hired help)What will be the price of the machine you are working on? The auto fill auto dump was probably the least important to me, I like it but could live w/out it. most places I have been cleaning have been fairly small or not alot of carpet and they are all vacant. However it may work into occupied homes but not to start with. I am earning only about $800 to $1200 a month cleaning these vacant rentals (I am able to save most this money) so I will simply re-invest it into the business by buying a machine, nearly every one of these homes needs the carpet cleaned and they would hire me to do this on top of the cleaning.
          So I feel it would be a good ivestment that I could fairly quickly recover and then expand or run full time with the addition of an employee. So this is not a rush situation, taking my time to make sure and do things right. Once I purchase a machine I will definately order your inexpensive training videos. Let me know the price of the Machine you are developing. Will it be in my price range? could I get it w/out auto fill auto dump for less? Do you feel that is a feature one could live w/out?
          Thanks alot


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            One can find used rotary machines on Craigs list for 200-400 bucks. Might not look great.

            They take a little practice but...

            I have no dog in the fight so I make nothing either way. Trust me; get a rotary.

            I may have mentioned this but it could be repeated; I use very little moisture since I scrub with a machine. I am uncertain if my theory is true but here it is anyway: Seems like using 450 PSI may also use a ton of water. with a porty, this has to raise the indoor humidity to what, 100%? (Unless the porty is outside) Now this may be true at any psi since the porty exhausts inside. This will slow down dry times.

            Pre-scrubbing really helps loosen the soil and if your chemistry is right, then the soil should stay suspended. (Might not want to scrub today and rinse tomorrow) Hence, 100 psi, using a wet stroke while pulling and 1-2 dry storkes makes a leap in clean. AND no one else around me does it that way. so I get em really really clean and dry. My clients become cheerleaders for me.

            I have read almost every post here over the years. Donald knows his stuff.


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              cleaning with more water pressure.

              Most of the electric 450 psi machines only clean at about half that (225 to 325 psi) The higher the pressure, the smaller the jets you can place on the wand. This gives you the ability to use less water and get the carpets dryer. I like your cleaning method, I would want to be able to rinse/walk faster on my strokes. The higher pressure would accomplish this. Once you try it, you would never go back. Customer do like dryer carpet. I used to sell a guaranteed one hour dry time for a 25% surcharge and 25% of my customer would buy it.


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                Donald, One more thing

                You commented on Clearly Professionals cleaning method. I had asked you a couple more questions just before his last post, could you read that and reply? really appreciate your advice. thought it would be easier to have you do that than too repeat it. Thanks I am intersted in the new machine you are working on (see my questions in my previous reply to this post)


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                  New design of carpet cleaning equipment

                  I do not have a price on the machine we are working on. I would guess it is going to sell for about $2999 complete with about 115 ft of hose and wand, faucet adapter, faucet key, auto fill and auto dump hoses. The machine is not going to be available without auto fill or dump for it is not even going to have a fresh water tank. You will have to hook it to a sink or draw water from a bucket. Rotary floor machines are about $520 (Koblenz 13")+ another $120 for a Glide Brush. You do not need another $2000.
                  Last edited by Donald; May 20, 2009, 11:33 PM.


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                    last questions

                    OK, both the recommended machine are the same price (apox) on the Sandia dont think the 25 foot cord will be an issue for me, but are you able to convert the 1 1/2" vacuum port or is an adaptor available to use 2" hoses if so would you then have to buy a new hose and wand? since the factory one will no longer work? wich would be more cost. I have found prices on all the things you recommended purchasing with the exception of the additional 50 ft of hose you recommend (what is the cost?) Are the warranty the same on both machines? Sandia and Mytee 1003DX. the Idea of better vacuum motor protection sounds good. Is this a big issue if you know what your doing, I know clearly professional stated he damaged his machine by improper use on his part (foamed the motors and had to replace and he appears to know what he is doing (he is using a Mytee speedster). I need to decide between one of these 2. Dont think I can go wrong with either I have seen you reccomend both on other posts but it appears you lean slightly towards the Sandia, my only concern with it is the 1 1/2" hose wich I have seen you state the 2" works much better.
                    Thanks for all the help


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                      Mytee 1003DX VS Sandia 80-3500-H

                      Placing 2" hose on a 1-1/2" port defeats the purpose. The idea is the first point of restriction is like moving the waste tank to that location. Changing the port on the front of Sandia voids the warranty. I had a meeting with the owner of Sandia yesterday and discussed the sales losses with them over this issue. Sandia stands behind the warranty better than Mytee. Sandia is parts and labor and one leg of shipping for 12 months. Mytee is 90 days labor, one year major parts (90 days on wear parts), no shipping. 50 ft hose sets are $159. I wish that Sandia would provide the 50 ft power cords and 2" port then it would make it a clear winner but they do not so you would have to decide for yourself. Some problems with mytee can be resolved yourself. They provide a poor lint bag and I would recommend you purchase a better one (under $20) They no long offer lint protection for the vacuum motors, so install some nylon panty hose over the vacuum float cage. The only advantage to the 2" port is only an issue when you want to run more than 75 ft of hose.


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                        Sandia Question

                        so I am leaning toward Sandia, but feel I cant go wrong with either. You had said you had met with Sandia owner and discussed the 1.5" vs 2" port (and them loosing sales due to this) do they have plans to change this anytime soon (next couple months) Is it even possible to upgrade the port size after the factory warranty is void (1 yr) If so would it be necessary to send the machine to someone to have it done? or is this something someone could do on their own by simply ordering necessary parts? I know you have the lowest prices and I have confirmed that wich is great but am curious if there is any discounts if fully paid Cash/credit or Debit if you purchase A machine, Rotary additional hoses wand, rake, etc all at one time?


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                          Also cant see myself really ever using more than 75 ft of hose, so this might all be pointless.
                          But Clearly professional stated the incredible difference with dry time by upgrading his Mytee 100 PSI machine from 1.5 to 2" (dont remember the model # of his machine) Sandia seems like the right choice and dont mind the 25 ft power cords (should I buy a 220V adaptor for the Sandia as you recommend for the Mytee? Since they have the same guts I would assume so.
                          Thanks for all the help, hoping to place an order soon.


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                            220 volt to 115 volt concerters

                            I do recommend the converter for dual corded, dual three stage vacuums, with 500 psi and heat. That is a lot of amp draw for 2 cords and many locations will not be able to handle it. Placing the extractor on a 220 system prevents you from tripping the customers breakers.


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                              An adapter is available to the conversion, but it does not help you to use 2" hose if the port is 1.5", so don't waste your money. 2" hose only gives you an advantage if you have a 2" port. You can by pay cash and we will take an extra 2% off. Cash would be like payment with wire transfer. The 2% discount is the fee we pay to process the credit cards so if we don't get charged for it, we can take this amount off for the sale. The package deal is not going to be any cheaper than the prices that are posted on the website. You could ship or take the machine to have it ported to 2" but that sounds expensive. The owner of Sandia was not very technical and did not even know what I was talking about. She was here to promote her products and said she would bring the issue up at the next corporate meeting. But overall, I do not expect to see the 2" port issue being resolved. I have brought this issue up before years ago and they still have not make any changes. You could make the changes yourself. You would need to purchase, rent or borrow the 1/2" drill, the 2.25" hole saw, and the 2" tap, and purchase the plastic fitting (normal stock parts here)