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  • Wet inside the bottom

    Donald, I have a 3 year old mytee 1000 no bells no whistles.

    Recently there has been lots of water in the bottom. I have made a 2" change and I travel with the machine laid on the side.

    The vacuum hoses were kind of lose around the fitting on the intake/motor side. i also changed the old bag/filter to a new, draw-string type. This new bag has larger holes and seemingly allowed water to 'shoot around' inside the tank. It sort of looked as though no filter/bag was in place. I assume water was being sucked down through the intake.

    further, water was leaking some around the intake vacuum hose at the motor side. i tightened the screws a good bit.

    I made the following fix: I cut an athletic sock at the heel. This made a 'tube' and stuck this tube over the elbow and slid the filter/bag over the sock.

    I think I have solved the problem but am not sure which 'fix' fixed it.

    Water never dripped onto the flooring. But there was lots of water inside. I am not a good aim with the bucket when I fill and often, the water would sort of splash onto the machine and floor.

    I'd like your input on what the real issue was and your thoughts on the solution(s).

    also, I plan on up grading to 2, 3 stage vacs and splitting the chord into two. I am assuming I will need longer bolts and the 'adaptor' they screw into. Is this a kit you sell?

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    making too much foam

    Make sure that the incoming water and air is shooting to the side of the machine and not horizontal. Make sure that the vacuum elbow/ball float is not in the air path of the incoming water/air. You might be making foam/bubbles with your athletic sock. Natural /cotton fabric is not recommended. I would recommend that the draw string bag be installed on the incoming elbow and you place nylon pantyhose over the ball float. Both need to cleaned after each job.
    We do not sell a kit to upgrade your dual 2 to a dual 3 stage system. I would think this would be normal hardware store stuff. The alternative is that we email you schematics of a dual 3 stage machine and you select the mytee parts you want to change.